Revision Test -1 Class -12 HM

Revision Test -1      Class – 12 HM.

Lesson -1   Teach me to listen, Lord.

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and Answer the questions given below.         M:M-35

Discipline must be enforced early in life. discipline  at home makes for the future greatness of a boy .it forms his character  and makes him a fit  citizen. The child who is allowed to have his own way becomes way-ward. The child who is allowed al sorts of excesses like running about in the sun, exposing himself to cold, eating wholesome things, and as a result will fall ill frequently .A child, whose habits have been disciplined and who has been taught to rise early, attend to his  lesson  properly, take physical exercise at the proper time and  avoid things that are injurious will grow up to be  a useful member of the society. the spoilt child  who has been  allowed to run his own course will show vice contacted in younger days. His parents would wish that he had not  been born at all.

Question-  (A) what does  discipline do for a child:

1.Forms character and fit citizen.                       2. Make child dull          3.Makes him strong     1

(B)How does a boy’s character form:

1.By discipline                                            2. By good habits                          3.Both                   1

(C)  What evils does child pick up when he is  allowed to do  what he likes:

  1. Makes happy himself 2. Catch cold and  fell ill            3. Develop good habits             1

(D) what are good habits :

  1. Running in the sun 2. Playing all the time 3.Avoid things that are injurious        1

(E) Give a Suitable title :

  1. Important of Discipline 2. Running. 3.Playing              1

(F) write antonym of the  word ‘discipline’.                1       

(G) Make noun of the word ‘enforce’.                           1

(H) what does ‘Spoilt’ mean ? 

    1.Greatness         2. Destroye              3.Injurious.               1

(I) what are the disciplined habits given in the passage.           2

(J) How do the parents of a spoilt child feel?                                 2

Q.2. (A) .Read the following extract and answer the  question given  below.    6

Teach me to listen, Lord,

To those nearest me,

My family, my friends,my co-workers,

Help me to be aware that 

 No matter what words I hear,

The message is 

Accept the person I am listen to me.

Questions :  1. Find the word similar in meaning to the  word ‘attentive’.

2.what is the opposite word  ‘nearest’.                         

 3.who is the speaker in the poem?

     (B). For your voice, 

           In busyness and in boredom. 

          In certainly and in doubt

          In noise and in silence ,

          Teach me to listen, Lord.

Questions :  1. Find out the word from the lines which is opposite of the word “Peace”.

2.whom does the poet address his prayer to ?                                                                                                         3.write the name of the poet .

Q.3.Do as Directed-                5

  1. Dhara Singh cooks the food. (Change into present Progressive Tense)
  2. The Patient (die)before the doctor came. (Use the correct form of the verb)
  3. He shut the door. (change into Present Indefinite tense)
  4. He does his duty well. (change into negative)
  5. She did it correctly. (change into interrogative)

Q4. Answer the following Questions.(Any five)           12

1.who are the people far from us  

2. whom does  the poet wish to trust ?  or  What makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’?

3.what is the overall mood of the poem?

4. How could listening to one’s inner voice be helpful?

5.summaries the poem ‘we are the future’.

6. where have we come from to build our nation?


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