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 REVISION TEST 6 today we are going to take test of REVISION TEST 6


REVISION TEST 6 Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and Answer the questions given below. 12                   

The evolution of modern history from medieveal history is characterized mainly by religion giving place to science in directing the course of civilization and individuals and groups giving place to society for exercise of political power.

In early history the church had all power religious and political .the political power passed on the kings , who  ruled with the help of rich merchants. the French Revolution and the  American Revolution removed kings and  democracy was born .Democracy recognizes private property. A big gap of inequality grew up gradually and the Russian Revolution brought in socialism which abolished privet property and this system prevails in communist countries. Religion was also slowly losing its authority. The Copernican theory started it and science gradually relegated religion to practical unimportance and rightly so. Scientific reasoning has no place for dogma and has gradually built up pockets of knowledge in the ocean of ignorance and superstition prevailing for centuries. Theoretical science led to practical science and Galileo, Leonardo and others laid the foundation for technology. The disappearance of religious authority gave rise to a kind of individual freedom tending to anarchy. It also opened the door to genius and ushered in the renaissance, a phenomenon in which the individual rather than society holds away.

1.The way for evolution of modern history was made by : 1.religion 3.civilization 4. All of these

2.Private property was recognized by : 1.democracy merchants

3.Scientific reasoning : 1.gave way to religion2.was practically unimportant 3.replaced ignorance with knowledge

4.S0ocialism was brought in by: 2.french Revolution 3.American Revolution Russian Revolution

5.Which is incorrect ?1.Religion gave way to directed the course of civilization3.socialism abolished private property did not have power in early history

6.Noun form of ‘know’ is : knowing   2.known   3. Knowledge   4.knew

7.Adjective form of ‘politics’ is : 1. Political 2.politically3. policy None of these                                   (8)Opposite of ‘equality’ is : 1.Unequal   2. Equally   3.inequaliy    4.unequality

 (9)what did the French Revolution and the America Revolution do ? (J) who laid found action for  technology ?

  Q.2. Answer the following Questions.

1.  what was the topic of discussion at Dabney’s

2.What was the third remarkable thing? what effect did it have on the  people present?

3.What was peculiar thing about the face on the wall?

Q.3.  Last Sunday you went  to the  hospital  to see a relative who was admitted there . using the following inputs your visit –

1. Registration counter,        

2. people in front of doctor’s room ,      

3.  surgical ward,nurses attending ,                      

 4. medical ward,  

5. patients lying on  their  beds.



REVISION TEST -6 (Class -12 HM)

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