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Revision Test Paper 2020

General English

Class IX

  • Time : 2:30 Hours                                                                                     MM : 100

Instruction : –

  • All questions are compulsory.
  • Make of each question are indicated against it.
  • Read the instruction carefully.                      

Q.1 Read the following passage carefully and answer the question  given below :                                                                                                       (5)

          (A) Yoga is the main ancient Indian system to keep a person fit in body and mind. It is basically a system of Self- treatment, According to the yogi view, diseases, disorders and aliments are the result of some joulty ways of living, bad habits, lack of proper knowledge and unsuitable food. The diseases are thus the resultant state of a sort a protonged malfunctioning of the body system. Since the root cause of  a diseases lies in the mistakes of the individuals its cure also lies in correcting the mistake by the same individuals himself. The yoga expert shows only the path and works so more than as a counselor. The yogic practice of treatment comprises three steps namely proper dict, proper yogic practice and proper knowledge of things about the self

Questions :

  1. How does yoga differ from other methods of treating a diseases ?
  2. How does our daily routine affects our lines ?

     3.  How can teacher of yoga help of a person practicing yoga ?

      4. Give the passage of suitable title.

      5. Find a word in the passage which means ‘not working properly’.

     (B) Gandhiji’s greatest strength was his beliefs in god. He fought for the freedom of India because he used to say that the best way to serve God was to serve. His people and therefore when he worked for the happiness of Indians. He was also making God happy. Many times people would to give proof that there is God and how we can know him. Gandhiji would admit frankly that the could not show God to any one, because his presence could be felt in the heart only. He was however, a lover of God and could not live without him. He once said, “If you do not give me air and water I can still live, but if you take away belief in God, I shall die immediately”

Questions :                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (5)

  • What was Gandhiji greatest strength ?
  • What is the best way to serve God according to Gandhiji ?
  • How did he make God Happy ?
  • Where could God presence be felt ?
  • Which word in the passage mean the same as the following :

        (a) At once           (b) Trust / Faith

          (C) I live for those who love me,

                    Whose hearts are kind and true:

          For the heaven that smiles above me,

                    And awaits my coming too;

          For all human ties that bind me,

                    For the task my god assigned me,

          For the bright hopes left behind me,

                    And the good that I can do.

Questions:-                                                                                                                       (5)

  • Who does the poet wants to live for ?
  • What is the task assigned to the poet ?
  • How are the hopes ?
  • What are human ties ?
  • Give a suitable title to the poem.

Section – “B”

Q,2    You are Rakesh residing at main Road, Lahor. Write a letter to your friend asking him to attend your elder brother’s marriage.                                   (5)


You are Vijay Patel reading in class IX in host higher Secondary School, Tarana. Write an application to    your Principal requesting him grant you two day’s side leave.

Q.3    Write an eassy any one of the following :                                                     (10)

          (i) A great leader.

          (ii) Wonder of Science.

          (iii) My hobby.

          (iv) An Indian festival.

Q.4    Read the paragraph and answer the following question:-

          According to the Abraham Lincoln; Democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

          Many people Scientists use the term ‘Democracy’ not only as a form a government, but also as a kind a state. Democracy as a kind of state means Such  a state in which the supreme political power rests with the people. This power is used by the people while determing their form of government and while electing their representatives. Thus people are the ultimate decision makers in all  political matters, In this respect democracy is considered to be  type of state. In other words, a democratic state allows people to freely set up their political institution of they do not function properly and effectively. They can be changed as replaced by the people .

Questions :-

  1. Makes note on the passage given below.
  2. Make the summary of the above passage based on your notes.

Section – ‘C’

Q.5    Do as directed :-

  1. Rearrange the following jumbled letters to make meaningful words. (5)

         (i) Roprupseso          (ii) Sowtm (iii) Drcsae (iv) Einter   (v) Epapal

  1. Match the following words with the rhyming ones.                     (5)

                                  ‘A’                                                      ‘B’

                              Say                                  –                   ever

                              Wait                                –                   as well

                              Fore tell                          –                   late

                              Never                              –                   away

  1. Give antonyms of the following words.                     (5)

     Give, late, always, future, day, half, tall, new, now, away

  1. Fill in the blanks choosing correct option:-                     (5)

(i) There is not …….. food in the house. (much, many)

(ii) He gave me ……. One rupee note. (a, an, the)

(iii) He will reach here……. Monday (at, on)

(iv) It has been raining …….. 7 in the morning. (Since, for)

(v) The servant …… wash the utensils. (Has to, have to)

  1. Translate into English. (any five)                     (5)

Section – ‘D’

Q.6    Read the extract from your text book and answer the question

give below:                                                                                                                         (5)

          (A) Kasturba Gandhiji was the daughter of a businessman. She was married at the very young age to Mohandas karam chandra Gandhiji. After the marriage her husband taught her to read and write. Along with her husband she led the woman’s satyagraha in south Africa and she had to go jail.

                    On 6th April 1918 when she was addressing the women of vadhtal village, she said, “The true religion of a women is to follow the foot steps of here husband like sita”. Along with her husband she made a special appeal to women asking them to spin and wear khadi, boycott government schools and Colleges and remove untouchability. She was arrested in 1932 for picketing liquior and foreign cloth shops”.

Questions :-

  1. Who was Kasturba Gandhiji ?
  2. With whom she was married ?
  3. Who made her able to read and write ?
  4. What was her opinion about women ?
  5. Why was she sent to jail in 1932 ?

          (B) Oh light, who are you ?

                    Daughter of the sun,

          No, you are the sun’s life, his soul,

                    We praise you in the sun,

          The sun is body you are its five spark,

Questions :-

  1. Who is the poem addresses to ?
  2. What is the light according to the poet ?

Q.10  Answer the question from prose.                                                                 (2×4=8)

(i)    How did the blind day educative to both the blind and helper ?

(ii)   Why was Jumman happy when Algu was nominated as the head panch ?

(iii) What do you mean by advertisement ?

(iv)  How did Kakasi incident affect the British in India ?

Q.11. What did Humayun decide to do to help Ravi Karmavati ?                                     (4)

Q.12. What was chaturbhuj Babu happing ?                                                                    (4)

Q.13. What did the Zamindar understand by M.A. & B.A. ?                                             (3)

Q.14. How can we control the present ?                                                                          (3)

Q.15. What do you mean by ‘My dream world’ ?                                                             (2)

Q.16. Write the central idea of the poem : “Silver” ?                                                        (5)