Report writing – Insanitary Problem

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Today we are going to tell you Report writing – Insanitary Problem.friends read this blogs and share it more and more……Report writing – Insanitary Problem

Report writing – Insanitary Problem

Report writing

Q.1. You are Gitansh Sharma .The Secretary of Eco Club of your school. Recently your school celebrated ‘tree plantation week’. Write a report in about 80-100 words.

Ans.                                           ‘Tree plantation week’.

 Gwalior  , July 15,2018

Our school Govt.H.S.School Gwalior organized  a ‘tree plantation week’ from  15th to 21st July.the class representative  were given the responsibility of  spreading  awareness among the student of the school .each class was led by the  class teacher . the  students planted trees everyday of the week from 10 to 12 AM. This campaign was conducted on the call of district administration . thousands of plants were purchased from nursery of the forest department. Water was stored. The students worked with great zeal and  enthusiasm . on the  last day , the principal gave  certificates to the representations who later on  gave the same to the  follow students.

Gitansh Sharma

Secrtary of Eco Club

Govt. H.S. School Gwalior

Q.2. write a  report in 80 -100 words for publication in your  school magazine describing the celebration of the  teacher day . you are Abhay  sharma,class 11th .

Ans.                                           Teacher day’s

Gwalior  , July 15,2018

Our school  Govt. H.S.School organized a function on teacher day on 5th September . the  principal told us in  his speech that  Dr. Radhakrishanan, the  late President of India was born  on this day . Mr. Dubey the vice Principal told us in his lecture that we should always respect our teacher . he also told us that the teacher  and parents should jointly help the  students . some students also  delivered lectures on the  important  of the teacher day. Our class representative told a beautiful story  highlighting the  dignity of the  teachers . in the  end all the class representatives garlanded the teacher with a tilak on their  forehead. We all touched their feet. Our teacher gave us blessings.

Abhay Sharma

Class –11th

Q.3.Imagine you are Abhay Sharma , you are a reporter. write a report on the insanitary problems around your locality.

Ans.                                                    Insanitary Problem

Gwalior , Sept.12,2018

I would like to draw the attention of the municipal authorities towards the insanitary conditions of shiv colony Gwalior . no cleanliness drives is arranged in  this colony. It is neglected by the  concerned agencies. Water logging in the rainy season has become a great problem. Drainage system is defective. Every now and then ,sewers are chocked making life miserable . the piles of garbage give stingy smell. Mosquitoes rule the colony. The authorities concerned are requested to look into the  problem and expedite in solving them.

Abhay Sharma


Report writing – Insanitary Problem