Report of an Adjudged case

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Special  English 

Class – 10th 

7.Report of an Adjudged case

  •                                                         – William Cowper 

Q.1.What was the point in dispute between Nose and Eyes?

Ans. There was a strange contest between the nose and eyes. It was over the spectacles. The nose called the spectacles as his .similarly the eyes expressed their claim over the spectacles.

Q.2.What were the arguments gives by the lawyer in favour of the nose as the owner of the spectacles?

Ans. The lawyer gave the following arguments in favour of the nose as the owner of the spectacles.

  • the nose had been wearing the spectacles since times 

  • The spectacles with their straddle are fitted on the straddle of the nose.

  • Any face without a nose cannot wear spectacles.

Q.3.In whose favour did the Judge decides the case and how did he do so?

Ans. The Judge decided the case in favour of the nose. He considered the tongues arguments in favour of the eyes as less wise. He advised that eyes should be shut whenever the nose put his spectacles on.   

Q.4. what do you understand by the title “Report of an Adjudged Case “?

Ans. The title ‘Report of an Adjudged case ‘says that justice is not done in the court of law. The lawyers  have no  character. They speak in favour of both the rival parties with similar zeal. They are hired to fight false cases. They do not feel shy even if they lose the case. They cannot be relied on. They charge money from both the rival parties. They be fool the clients with only words and rob them of their hard money. They vague arguments. The judges also give random justice.

Report of an Adjudged case

Report of an Adjudged case