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Today we are going to tell you Refund . What is refund ? and how can we refund it  to other .Refund                                                 Part -1       

Special  English 

Class – 10th 


Q.1.Why did Wasserkopf come to the school after eighteen years?

Ans. Wasserkopf had studied at a  school nearly eighteen years ago . The  education he received  in the school  failed to provide him any wisdom .  it had  also  rendered him  worthless. He came to the school for the refund  of his tuition fees.

Q.2.What were Wasserkopf’’s arguments to get his fees back?

Ans. Wasserkopf  argued  with the principal of the school . he said that he had  received education in that school  eighteen years  it had made  him worthless  hadn ‘t get his money worth.

Q.3.Why did the Principal considerWasserkopf’s case “ a most unusual state of affairs?

Ans. Wasserkopf had brought  the certificate of the school . he said that he  was no good for anything. The education he got there  made nothing but and  incompetent  ass  out of him he would complain about the principal  if his fee  was not refunded to him . the principal  considered  it a most unusual case.

Q.4..What were the Qualities of  Wsserkopf that the Principal and the  Master evaluated?

Ans. The principal and the master evaluated the following qualities of Wasserkopf .

                Patriarchal manners  gentlemanliness  courtesy , physical cultural ,alertness, perseverance, logic and  ambition.

Q.5.On What ground was Wasserkopf awarded’excellent’ in Physical Culture?  2015

Ans. The history master asked  Wasserkopf to sit  on the chair  Wasserkopf said . to hell with a seat I shall stand . the mathematics  master  interprets  that  Wasserkopf intended  to face the oral examinations and will remain standing. He awarded Wasserkopf excellent in physical culture due to his splendid physical conditions .   

Q.6.How much money, according to Wasserkopf,did the school owe to him?

Ans. According  to Wasserkopf the school owed  to him the following money .

           Wasserkopf had attended the school the six year . the total of  his fees  examinations fees to fees  on incidental was 2400+1800+1482+768 crowns 50 heller . he was ready to  knock of the  hellers.