Refund part – 2

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Today we are  going to tell you  Refund part – 2 .friends this post belong to Refund part – 2 . how can be refund to other and Refund part – 2…

Special English 

Class — 10th 

Part -2 



Q.7. what was the final result that Principal presented to Wasserkop?

Ans. The principal presented to result to Wasserkopf he had passed  with distinction  in every subject. There for he had again shown  that he  was  entitled to the certificate they had avoided him on his  graduation  he  congratulated  both Wasserkopf and his team.

Q.8.What was the story that the Geography Master narrated in connection with the  city of Brunswick?

Ans. The geography master  question was – what city of the same name in the capital  of the German  province  of  Brunswick ? Wasserkopf as reply  was same the Geography master declared the answer  correct . he told a story once the emperor Barbarossa  was  riding into the city he met a young  peasant  girl . she was  munching one he called  out of her  God Bless you – What is the  name of this city the peasant  girls answered , same to you sir. 

Q.9.How did the Mathematics teacher prove that he was more ‘shrewd’than the former pupil?

Ans. Wasserkopf answer wear to the previous question was a very  little out of the way.  However his answer  to the difficult question was exactly  correct. He calculated the amount of the  refund correctly.

The mathematics teacher showed , his favour to words  Wasserkopf and called him clined for refund genuine . the second answer made him  call Wasserkopf as a mathematics genius  by his tact , the mathematics teacher proved that he was  ‘shrewd ‘than the former people.

Q.10.How far is a school or educational institution accountable for the future of its students? Support your answer with arguments given in the play.2015

Ans. Education aims at securing one’s  livelihood as well as  life. Stress should  be  laid on technical and vocational education. Character  formations should be  the major  motive of education. There  should be a  personal contact between the teacher and the  taught. Good manner  should be  inculcated among the  students. According to Wasserkopf  he didn’t  learn  anything. He  had become  an  incompeted ass.  He failed at every job.

Refund part – 2

Refund part – 2