Ram Prasad Bismil – The great Martyr

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12.Ram Prasad Bismil – The great Martyr

Q.1. Ram Prsad ‘Bismil’ was a great ‘Patriot’. Do you find any other  quality in him ? Describe.

Ans. Yes , he  was a great poet also .his pen-name was ‘Bismil’. As ‘Bismil’ he is well-known as a great  revolutionary poet in Hindi. At the end of his  autobiography, he has  reproduced some  selected poem.

Q.2. what  was Bismil’s  contribution in the  kokori  train  incident ?

Ans.  He was the leader  of the  kokori  train  incident .he and his  followers stopped the  the train  and  took  under  their  control the money  belonging  t o the  government.

13. King vikram in Disguise

Q.1.who was king Vikramaditya ?

Ans. He was a just and  fair ruler of the kingdom of Ujjain.

Q.2. what did  the  king see through the  cracks in the  wall of the  hut?

Ans. He saw a weeping old man in the  corner , a woman  whose head  was shaven was  dancing , and a young man  was  singing.

Q.3. what did the king  pretend to be ? why ?

Ans.The king pretended himself to be a travel from java. He wanted to know the reason of all what he saw.

Q.4. why did the young woman sell her stresses?

Ans. The old man wanted that when royalty visited them, they should present him a silver bowl. They had no money for this .so the young woman sold her stresses.

    13.King vikram in Disguise

12.Ram Prasad Bismil – The great Martyr