Pronoun Exercise

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Today we are going to tell you about  of  Pronoun  Exercise  so friends read and share it some exercise is given to below for doing practice exercise  and errors finding

Pronoun  Exercise


1. Let Ram and ______ go. (I/me)
2. India is proud of ______ scientists (is/her).
3. You , he and I are going to ______houses.
4. ______ of the two pens is new. (one/either)
5. Ram and Sita love ______ .
(each other/ one another)
6. You and he have come from ______villages.
7. ______ of the four boys has come. (one/either)
8. One should love ______ children (one’s/his)
9. Prizes were distributed between you and ______
10. The child has lost ______ doll (its/his)
11. A number of boys are going to ______ school.
12. Either Ram or his friends have gone to ______ offices. (his/their)
13. His friends as well as Ram have done ______ home work properly. (their/his)
14. Each girl and each boy has lost ______ pen.
15. Many a man has finished ______ work.
16. My pen is better than ______. (your’s/yours)
17. Every boy and every girl has not brought ______ book. (her/his)
18. This is red pen. I want a black ______.
19. He is the same man ______ has helped me.
20. The cat has lost ______ tail. (its/her)
21. Seema has qualified herself as a doctor.
22. Who are you referring to ?
23. I, you and he must help that poor man.
24. He stole a pen and sold the same for Rs. 50.
25. The climate of Ranchi is better than Patna.
26. We went to the Red fort and enjoyed.
27. Mansi and myself went to Patna.
28. The more you read, the more you will like this book.
29. My father does not like me going to pictures everyday.
30. Both did not go.
31. What is your date of birth?
32. These four boys respect each other’s desire.
33. Such boys who shirk work hardly succeed in life.
34. It was the coldest day which we ever experienced.
35. One should do his work himself.
36. The army was rewarded for their over whelming success in curbing terrorism.
37. Payal was one of those Miss Universe contestants who attributed her success to her parents.
38. It is the first time I have seen you.
39. Mala’s looks are more attractive than Zia.

40. Your need is greater than that of mine.
41. There’s Mr. Shanu (a)/ whom they say (b)/ is the best singer (c)/ in the country. (d)/ No error.(e)
42. The money minded people believe (a)/ that it is foolish to exert themselves for such study (b)/ and brain work (c)/ which cannot be converted into cash. (d)/ No error.(e)
43. My brother and myself (a)/ went to (b)/ collect (c) the money. (d)/ No error.(e)
44. In cost water habitats, certain invertebrates (a)/ and fish convert stretches into (b)/ complex carbohydrates called glycerol (c)/ in effect manufacturing its own antifreeze. . (d)/ No error.(e)
45. Can not one do (a)/ what one (b)/ likes to do (c)/ with his own. (d)/ No error.(e)
46. I objected to him scolding me (a)/ for my good (b)/ specially when he said it hurt him(c)/ more than me. (d)/ No error.(e)
47. Let I and you (a)/ come to an agreement (b)/ that we will share the space (c)/ adjoining the building. (d)/ No error.(e)
48. My friend is more skilful (a)/ than me (b)/ in dealing with (c)/ this type of the problem. (d)/ No error.(e)
49. Dolly went out (a)/ with George (b)/ what made (c)/ Paul very angry. (d)/ No error.(e)
50. Mahatma Gandhi taught us (a)/ that one should respect (b)/ the religions of others (c)/ as much as his own. (d)/ No error.(e)


1. Me 2. Her 3. Our 4. Either 5. Each other 6. Your
7. One 8. One’s 9. me 10. Its 11. Their 12. Their
13. Their 14. His 15. His 16. Yours 17. Her 18. One
19. That 20. Its
21. Remove ‘herself’ from sentence.
22. Change ‘who’ into ‘whom’
23. Change ‘I, you and he’ into ‘you he and I ’
24. Change ‘the same’ into ‘it’
25. Use ‘that of’ before Patna
26. Use ‘ourselves’ after enjoyed
27. Change “myself” into ‘I’
28. Use ‘this book’ after read and ‘it’ instead of ‘this book’.
29. Change ‘me’ into ‘my’
30. Neither went
31. What is the date of your birth?
32. Change ‘each other’s’ into ‘one another’s
33. Use ‘as’ instead of ‘who’
34. Use ‘that’ to remove ‘which’
35. Use one’s & oneself’
36. Change ‘their’ into ‘its’
37. Change ‘her’ into their at both the places
38. Use ‘this’ instead of ‘it’
39. Use ‘’s’ with zia
40. Use only ‘mine’ instead of ‘that of mine’
41. (b) 42. (b) 43. (a) 44. (d) 45. (d) 46. (e)
47. (a) 48. (b) 49. (c) 50. (d)



Pronoun Exercise

Pronoun Exercise