Present Perfect Tense ( Voice)

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Today we are going to tell you Present Perfect Tense ( Voice). friends  reads this blogs and update your self.Present Perfect Tense ( Voice)

Present Perfect Tense  : –

Rule – O + Has/Have + Been  + verb 3rd form + other word + by + subject.

  1. I have sent a letter.
  2. I have seen a bird.
  3. She has spent all the money .
  4. I have bought a car.
  5. The servant has cleaned the room.
  6. My friends have helped me.
  7. Grandmother has told a story.
  8. Someone has stolen my purse.
  9. They have done their work.
  10. He has hidden the fact.
  11. Our teacher has written three books.
  12. The branches of the tree have caught the kite.
  13. Somebody has taken away my book.
  14. We have won the
  15. Government has built a road.
  16. I have spoken the truth.
  17. He has thrown the bottle.
  18. She has found a wrist watch.
  19. We have given three pens.
  20. I have read this story.
  21. They have drawn a big amount.
  22. She has lost her purse.
  23. I have kept my promise.
  24. She has not stolen my book.
  25. I have received my transfer orders.
  26. Abhay has read a number of books.
  27. Kalpna has not confessed her fault.
  28. The carpenter has made the 
  29. Ravi has not sold his cow.

Present Perfect Tense ( Voice)

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