Prepositions – 9 competitions exam

31.Above : – 1.  it is used to immediately to up sense.

Ex – 1. Our plane was flying above the clouds.

  1. the water was flowing above the danger level.

2.above in a higher position

Ex – 1.the plane is flying  above the clouds

2.A sword was hanging above his head.

  1. beyond the reach of  more than

Ex- 1.the applicant should be  above the age of twenty.

32.Along : – it is used to one point to another point-

Ex- they are  walking along the road.

  1. there are trees all along the river banks.

33.About :-   nearness of some kind

Ex- 1 tell me about the accident

  1. Do you know about him ?
  2. he is careless about his duties.
  3. I am fond of hearing about his duties.
  4. Across : – from one side to the opposite.

Ex – 1. Her house is across the river

2.can you  swim across the river?

  1. there is a bridge across the river