Preposition for All competition Exam


Defination : –A Preposition is a word place before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation to some  other words in a sentence.

Ex- 1. He goes to  the school.

Kinds of Preposition : –

Simple Preposition : –  A  Preposition which  gives simple meaning.

Ex- AS, Such, at on ,upto, in, with, by, over, up, from in, about , after, behind.

Double Preposition : –  A Preposition which consists of two word..

Ex- out of , from behind.

Compound Preposition  : –  These are used when a Preposition is joined with noun , Adjective or  an Adverb.

Ex – Inside below , about , along , across.

Participle Preposition : –  These are Present Participle but noun , Pronoun do not  joined while Preposition do work.

Ex –  Touching , during , excepting , inquiring .

Phrase Preposition : – That words group which is  used as preposition Phrase preposition.

Ex- infavour of , in place of , infront of.

Disguised Preposition : –  Such as a month , o’clock , use of important preposition.       Ex – at , in , between  etc.