Comp & Academic Exam Preposition

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Comp & Academic Exam Preposition

Preposition – 8 Competitions & Academic Exam

27.Among/ Amongest : –  Both these words have almost the same meaning and usage , but among is more popularly used . but there is one difference in their usage. Amongest must be  used in those sentences in which the  word coming after it begins with a vowel.

Ex –  1.  He is very popular amongst us.  2. He is very popular among the students.

28.During : – During is used  for a definite period-*

Ex – 1. He will be here during Christmas holidays.

  1. he will stay me during june.

29.Of : –(1)  of is a  preposition of joining.

Ex –  1. A member of the family.          2.Pase of a book     3. student of a college.

(2) it is used to show the relation ship.

Ex -1. He is a student of this school.   2.Mohan is the only son of  his parents.

(3) To show the quality  or reason –

Ex – 1. Our principal is a man of principle.   2. he died of  heart failure.

30.Off : –  off is a preposition of separation-

Ex – 1. He is off duty today.            2. he jumped off the roof.

(2) it is used to move up and down.

Ex – 1. He fell off the horse.

(3) it is used to separate the things-

Ex – 1. He put off his clothes.

Comp & Academic Exam Preposition

Comp & Academic Exam Preposition

Comp & Academic Exam Preposition

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