Preposition – 7 for Competitions

24.Over : –  when any object to move another object or fixed but can’t touch.

Ex – 1. The fan is over my head.

  1. The sun shine over the earth.
  2. The sun was just over my head.
  3. the water flowing over the banks of the river.

25.Towards : –1.  To show the direction .

Ex – 1. The caravan proceeded towards the east.

  1. he went towards the post office.
  2. nearness of approach –

Ex  – 1.he is coming towards the house.

3.nearness of time.

Ex – is now towards evening. relation to –behaviour –

Ex – 1. He is very kind towards beggars .

  1. she is very friendly towards her juniors. aid of –

Ex – 1. You will have to give Rs.100/- towards the poor Boys’s fund.

26.Behind : – to show the back word direction.

Ex – 1. The sun is now behind the mountains.   2. who is standing behind you ?