Prem Chand -Idgah

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To day we are going to tell you  aboutPrem Chand -Idgah .this post is very useful to  academic purpose and this story is related to boy .who went to Idgah. its very interesting stroy. Mostely questions asked in examinations Prem Chand -Idgah…………….

General English 

Class -11th 


                                        –  Prem chand

Q.1.why was everyone in the village in a hurry that morning?

Ans.  It was Eid and they were going to the Idgah to offer Namaz.

Q.2. Why did Hamid not ride the round about?

Ans. He had only three pice and he wanted to use them for buyng something useful for his grandmother.

Q.3. what made Mehmood share his bananas with Hamid?

Ans. In the verbal due, Hamid’s chimta emerged as the undisputed champion. Hence Mehmood shared his bananas only with Hamid.

Q.4. what toys did the children buy?    

Ans. Mehmood bought a soldier in a khaki uniform.Mohsin bought a smiling water carrier. Noorey bought a lawyer with a fat law book in his hand. Sammi bought a sturdy washer –woman.

Q.5. what made Hamid buy a pair of tongs?

Ans. His grandmother had no chimta, so usually she burnt her fingers while making chapattis. Hamid did not like it. so he bought the  chimta. Now she would not burn her fingers.

Q.6.Describe the sight at the Idgah.

Ans. The Idgah was shaded with tamarind trees and had a cemented floor with sheets spread on it .people sat in rows.wealth and status played no role there – everybody was equal before Allah. All of them performed the  riuals of the  prayer together.

Q,7.what quality of the  chimta made it superior to all the toys?

Ans.the chimta was stronger than Mehmoods soldier. The chimta was able to knock the lawyer down. Hence the chimta became the undisputed champion.




Prem Chand -Idgah