Position of India in the Production of Crops

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Position of India in the Production of Crops

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Position of India in the Production of Crops

 Crops         Position of India in World          Highest Producing  State  in India

Wheat                             Second                               Uttar Pradesh

Rice                                Second                               West Bengal

Jawar                              First                                    Maharashtra

Maize                              Sixth                                   Uttar Pradesh

Cotton                             Second                               Maharashtra

Jute                                 First                                    West Bengal

Sugarcane                      Second                               Uttar Pradesh

Tea                                 Second                                 Assam

Soyabean                       Fifth                                    Madhya Pradesh


The main crops of India and the  distribution of their producing areas is given here .

  1. Wheat – Uttar Pradesh ,,Punjab ,Haryana ,Madhya Pradesh ,Bihar ,Rajasthan ,Maharashtra ,West Bengal , Uttarkhand and Gujrat..
  2. Rice –  West Bengal , U.P. Punjab ,Andhra Pradesh, Telangana ,Chhattisgarh ,Madhya Pradesh ,Bihar ,Tamil Nadu ,Orissa and Assam.
  3. Bajra – Rajasthan ,Maharashtra ,Tamil Nadu ,,Punjab ,A.P. Telangana U.P. Gujrat ,Haryana ,Karnataka and M.P..
  4. Barley – Uttap Pradesh ,Rajasthan , Bihar and Punjab.
  5. Gram and Pulses – Madhya Pradesh ,Uttar Pradesh ,West Bengal , Rajasthan , Maharashtra ,Punjab and Karnataka.
  6. Maize – Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh ,Uttar Pradesh,Rajasthan ,Madhya Pradesh ,Bihar and Punjab.
  7. Oil Seed – Rajasthan ,Madhya Pradesh ,Maharashtra ,Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana ,Bihar , Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and west Bengal.
  8. Groundnut – Gujarat ,Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana ,Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh , India ranks first in the world in the production of groundnut.
  9. Rapseed and Mustard – Rajasthan ,Uttar Pradesh ,Harayana.
  10. Soyabean – Madhya Pradesh ,Maharashtra ,Rajasthan.
  11. Sunflower – Karnataka , Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana, Maharashtra
  12. Tea – Assam ,west Bengal ,Tamil Nadu ,Kerala ,Tripura , Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.
  13. Coffee – Karanataka ,Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  14. Tobacco – Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana , Gujarat ,Bihar ,Uttar Pradesh ,aharashtra ,West Bengal,Tamil Nadu and Karanataka.
  15. Sugarcane- Uttar Pradesh ,Tamil Nadu ,Maharashtra ,Karnataka ,Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana ,Haryana ,Punjab ,Bihar and Gujrat.
  16. Cotton – Gujrat ,Maharashtra , Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana ,Haryana ,Madhya Pradesh ,Punjab ,Karnataka , Rjasthan and Tamil Nadu.
  17. Jute – West Bengal ,Bihar ,Assam Andhra Pradesh ,Maharashtra ,Meghalaya and Orissa.
  18. Opium – Uttar Pradesh ,Madhya Pradesh ,Punjab ,Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir
  19. Rubber – Kerala ,Tamil Nadu ,Karnataka ,Kerala ,Turmeric Andhra Pradesh , Orissa ,Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra Kerala ,Assam and west Bengal.
  20. Cashewnut – Kerala ,Maharashtra ,Andhra Pradesh ,Goa ,Orissa.
  21. Flax (San) – Andhra Pradesh ,Telangana , Bihar ,Karnataka , Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh .
  22. Silk – Karnataka ,Kashmir ,Assam , West Bengal.
  23. Potato – Uttar Pradesh ,West Bengal ,Bihar .

Rice is the main crops of India and wheat ranks second. In the  total Production of food grain wheat contributes 12.7% Rice 40.5% , Millets 30.3% and Pulses 16.5%.

Position of India in the Production of Crops

Position of India in the Production of Crops

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