Population Problem

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1.Introduction – Looking at the population  figures . we come to the  conclusion that the  population in India has been  rapidly increasing . Though  this is not a problem of India  alone but of the  world , it is certain  that  backward countries like India suffer most  from  it . In about 10 year the population   increases by  about five crores. At present  it is above  125 crores.

2. Low Standard of living – As science is making  progress, the death rate is falling  due to  better medical  facilities, while the birth rate is increasing . we have  limited  resources and national  wealth . due to a large number of people  the income of an  individual is very less.  People cannot afford enough food , water  and other necessities of  life . acute poverty and starvation is the result .

3. Unemployment – Increasing population is also resulting in unemployment problem. It is becoming very difficult to provide jobs to so many people . this bring frustration among the youth .”Unemployment brings unrest and a threat to low , order  and peace in the country . the economy of the  country may burst out at any time in the  country .

4. The family Planning – The only solution to this problem is family  planning . we will have to check the birth  rate . a small family is the  need of the  hour . we can  provide all necessities of our children  when there number is limited.

5.Marriage at proper age – one of the reason of growing population is early marriage also . people marry their children at a very early age . this results in early pregnancy  and birth of  children. Now the  government has made it compulsory that a girl under 19 and a boy under 21 cannot be married.

6.Conclusion  –  People are becoming  aware of the problem  and we hope that soon we shall bring it under control.

Population Problem

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Population Problem