Poetry Today and Tomarrow

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Central ideas 

General English 

Class – 9th 

Central Ideas


Q.1.Write the central ideas of the poem “ O Light”

Ans. The poet  says that  light is the  soul of the  sun . later on he  calls this light as  wisdom  and  knowledge . the poet  prays the  nature as the  enchanter mother of light . in  the end the  poet praises the  light to  prosper and  bring the light of knowledge in this world.

Q.2. Write the central ideas of the poem “Today and Tomarrow”

Ans. The poet says that we should not put off till  tomorrow what we can  do today . the time once lost  never returns. Nobody knows what the  future has  in  store. We should not let precious moments go waste. We should make full use of the  present.

Q.3. Write the central ideas of the poem “ Silver”

Ans. The poet  describes the  beauty of moonlight night. The  moonlight’s colour is silvery. On whatever object it falls, its colour becomes silvery. The scene created by  moonlight night is quiet and still. The  trees, the  fruits,fish,the harvest mouse etc.all look like silver. The  moon watches the  world of silver created by herself.

Central ideas Today and Tomarrow

Central ideas Today and Tomarrow

Central ideas silver

o light central ideas


Today and Tomarrow

Poetry Today and Tomarrow