Poetry – A Thing of Beauty

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4.A Thing of Beauty

                                                       –  John Keats

 Q.1. list the things of beauty  mentioned in the poem .

Ans. The things of beauty  mentioned in the poem  are : The Sun , the moon , trees old and young,simple sheep,Daffodils , clear rills and musk –roses.

Q.2. Why is ‘grandeur’ associated with the  ‘mighty dead’?

Ans.  grandeur’is associated with the  ‘mighty dead’ because we imagined that on the day  of judgement, they will be rewarded by the  god for their noble works, since  they made great  achievements in their life.

Q.3. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.Explain?

Ans. John keats says  that  beauty  never  fades nor even divalued. It  never passes into nothingness.

Q.4. why does not a  beautiful thing pass into nothingness?

Ans. A beautiful thing does not pass into nothingness because its beauty is constant and eternal.

Q.5. what is bower?

Ans. A bower is a pleasant  place under a shade of a tree.

Q.6. what is the source of ‘’the endless fountain of immortal drink?”

Ans.  An endless fountain of nectar , that  makes us  immortal pours into  us the  heavenly bliss of  nature.

Q.7. What does  a thing of beauty do for us ?

Ans.  A thing of beauty  gives immence pleasure to us  and  that remains forever. Its beauty never fades due to the  passage  of time. Its loveliness increases every moment.

Q.8. find the word from the stanza which means –

Poetry – A Thing of Beauty By John Keats

Malice – spite

Gloomy  – sad

Pall – covering

Sprouting  – appearing of newly grown plants

Blessing – boon

Rills  – small streams

Covert – shelter of thickets

Grandeur  – magnificence

Tales – stories

Immortal – that never dies

Brink  – corner end

Poetry – A Thing of Beauty By John Keats