Poem -10.The Hill-Top Temple extract

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Today we are going to tell you Poem -10.The Hill-Top Temple extract  friends read and share it …..Poem -10.The Hill-Top Temple extract  

                                10.The Hill-Top Temple

                                                                                                                              – Sri Aurobindo

General English 

Class -12 

Q.1.some important meaning-

  1. Word                     Syn/similar           Ant/opposite

unnumbered                 numbered

brilliant                            shining                  dull

immobile                           –                   mobile

Q.1.where does the immobile goddess live ?

Ans.  the immobile goddess  lives in the temple built of stone.

  1. Human                          of mankind             _

dominion                           authority to rule /control          _

mystic                                       _                  manifest

calm                                         peace                   –

pure                                                _            impure

bare                                                _            covered

Epitome      perfect example of sth            –

vast                        huge/big              small/harrow

indite                        to write              –

nodus                       centre                       –

eternity  time without end especially Moment life continuing without end after death                                                   sculptured          carved  shaped from wood store clay or metal     –

        summary                           –                expansion                                             

Q.1. Extract –

After unnumbered steps of  a hill- stair

I saw upon earth’s head brilliant with sun

The immobile Goddess in her house of stone

In a loneliness of meditating air

Questions :

(a) Give the opposite of ‘brillant’

(b) What did the poet see when he reached the temple?

(c) Give the name of the poem and poet.

Answer :  (a) dull      (b) he saw the immobile goddess in her house of stone.

(c) The Hill Top Temple    ,   Sri Aurobindo

Q.2. Extract –  

Wise were the human bands that set her there

Above the world and time’s dominion

The soul of all that lives calm ,pure , alone,

Revealed its boundless self mystic and bare.

Questions :

(a) Bare is the opposite of :

(i) open   (ii) closed   (iii) covered       (iv) stolen

(b) The meaning of the man is :

(i) mankind           (ii) brute      (iii) animal       (iv) beast

(c)  How does the soul of all live?

Answer :  (a) (iii) covered      (b) (i) mankind

(c) The soul of all lies calm , pure and alone.

Q.3. Extract –

Our body is an an epitome of some vast

That makes it presence by our humanness

In us the secret spirit indite

A Page and summary of infinite.

Questions :   

(a) The poem is :

(i) In Country     (ii) Forest and River      (iii) The Hill Top Temple       (iv) Wonderful World

(b) What is the meaning of ‘infinite’.

(i) That means no end                       (ii) That means for sometime

(iii) that means begin                        (iv) that means go on

(c) Write the correct transcription of the word ‘epitome’ to speak it .accurately.

(d)Write the adjective form of the word’ eternity’.

Answer :   (a)  (iii) The Hill Top Temple      (b) (i) That means no end

(c) i-pit & – me   (d) eternal

Q.1.How does the soul of all live ?                                                                                                                    Ans. The soul of all lies calm pure and alone.

Poem -10.The Hill-Top Temple extract

10.The Hill-Top Temple


Poem -10.The Hill-Top Temple extract