Peace by Swami Vivekananda

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Today we are going to tell you about Peace by Swami Vivekananda

Part- 3

Lesson – 13


                                                                 – Swami Vivekananda

           13.Peace by Swami Vivekananda              

Question And Answer : –

Q.1.What is the ‘Goal of Life’ ?

Ans. Eternal death (salvation) is the goal of life.

Q.2. Where does the spirit return to ?

Ans. The spirit returns to the place of eternity.

Q.3. What sort of joy and sorrow does the poet refer to ?

Ans.  The poet refers to never- spoken –joy and never –felt –sorrow here.

Q.4. What is it that  joins night and the  next day?

Ans. ‘Peace’ joins the night and the  next day.

Q.5. what element is present in silence amidst two fits of passion?

Ans.  Eternal peace is present in the  silence amidst two fits of  passion.

Q.6. Give the central idea to the  poem .

Ans. The central idea of the  poem is that  eternal peace is the  ultimate goal of life. Death is rest between two lines spirit is  immortal.

मृत्यु  एक  सरिता है जिसमे ,

                           श्रम से कातर जीव नहाकर l

फिर नूतन धारण करता है ,

                          काया रूपी वस्त्र वहाकर l

Q.7. What does the poet say , death between two lives’?

Ans. The poet means to these words that there is rebirth in the world. Death is like a rest between two lives. Mans soul is immortal. Soul never dies. It changes its new home that is man’s body. Human body is like a garment to the immortal soul. Death is an   ultimate peace of life. Here we notice that the poet is entirely philosophical in his views. He has firm faith in rebirth that is after death. The words ‘rest’ and ‘pouse’ indicate the ‘peace’ between two lives. Here ‘death’ means physical death, not spiritual  death.

Peace by Swami Vivekananda

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13.Peace by Swami Vivekananda