Patriotism (Class -11 EM)


TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU Patriotism (Class -11 EM) .What is Patriotism (Class -11 EM)  . it tellls about Patriotism (Class -11 EM) . Poet tell it …………….. 

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1.Patriotism (Poem)         – Sir Walter Scott

Class – 11th EM

Special  English

Q.1. whose soul does the poet say is ‘dead’?

Ans. The soul of the person who does not love his country is dead.

Q.2. who does the poet ask to mark well?

Ans. The poet asks to mark well the one that does not love one’s motherland.

Q.3.what delights the motherland?

Ans. A patriot person returns to his native land after visiting foreign countries. This delights the minstrel.

Q.4. how can a person doubly die?

Ans.  A person can die doubly in this way. Firstly, he meets his real death. Secondly, none remembers or praises him after death.

Q.5. what is meant by ‘vile ’dust’?

Ans. The sense of the ‘vile dust’ is that it is wicked dust that has given birth to such an unpatriotic person.

Q. 6.what happens to a person who returns home from a foreign land?

Ans. it is but natural that when a person returns his native land from his foreign visit, he feels great pleasure. Everyone gets joy and consolation in his own country.  his countrymen receive him with great honour and  affection. he himself feels delighted. On his journey to homeland, he feels very pleasant to see his motherland as soon as possible. This professional singers or writer praise him because he has worn laurels for his country. They feel that he had brought great fame to their country in the world. All the countrymen feel proud of him and his patriotic love.

Q.7. what are the attributes of a patriot? Can he die unwept, unhonoured and unsung?

Ans. A patriot deserves all kinds of honour and affection. He is given high respect by his countrymen. He is worthy of reputation. if he comes back from foreign countries, he is  warmly received by them. Minstrels praise him highly in their notes. Even after death, he is paid tribute by weeping countrymen .the people of entire nation lament his death. Poets admire him through poems. The writers praise him in their essays and volumes. He never dies unwept, Unhonoured and unsung.

Q.8. write a note to justify the title of the poem.

Ans. The theme of the poem ‘Patriotism’ is full of patriotic emotions. Through this poem tells us about the person who has deep love for his motherland. A patriot is honoured everywhere in his country. Every countryman admires and respects him. Ministrel praise him through their notes. From time to time, he is remembered by his countrymen .on the other hand an unpatriotic man is neither praised nor remembered by his countrymen. He dies unwept, unhonoured and unsung. The title of the poem is appropriate.

Patriotism (Class -11 EM)

Patriotism (Class -11 EM)

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