Past Indefinite tense (Voice)

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Today we are going to tell you Past Indefinite tense (Voice) . friends reads this blog and update your self .Past Indefinite tense (Voice) 

Past Indefinite tense   : –

Rule –     O + Was/were + verb 3rd form + other word + by + subject.

  1. I took tea.
  2. He killed a tiger .
  3. Manoj accepeed my advice.
  4. His friend drove the car.
  5. You know me.
  6. Haarish told lies.
  7. Ram solved all questions.
  8. The gardener watered the plants.
  9. He turned out the
  10. Sita knit a sweater yesterday.
  11. Sharma taught me last year.
  12. My mother told mohan an interesting story.
  13. We helped you.
  14. The servant shut the door.
  15. They wrote letter to the editors of the newspapers.
  16. I took coffee.
  17. His father sent a gift to his friend.
  18. I broke the glass.
  19. You put the pen into your pocket.
  20. He earned money.
  21. She wrote three letters.
  22. The teacher gave boks.
  23. His brother wanted a ticket.
  24. Mother cut mangoes.
  25. The farmer grew rice.
  26. Grandmother read the Ramayan.
  27. Edison invented the first gramophone.
  28. The cat drank all the milk.
  29. Our team did not win the
  30. Sonam wrote a letter.
  31. I did not kill a tiger.
  32. Pawan threw the ball.
  33. The teacher did not beat them.
  34. You did not eat my share of sweets.
  35. I wrote an article.

Past Indefinite tense (Voice)