Past continuous tense (voice)

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today we are going to tell you  Past continuous tense (Voice).friends read this blog and update yourself. Past continuous tense (Voice)

Past  continuous  tense   : –

Rule –     O + Was/were + Being + verb 3rd form + other word + by + subject.

  1. He was calling you.
  2. I were helping him.
  3. He was cleaning the room.
  4. We were plucking flowers.
  5. They were selling their
  6. He was wearing old shoes.
  7. His father was bringing mangoes.
  8. The teacher was teaching Physics.
  9. You were throwing the ball.
  10. I were writing a letter.
  11. She was making dolls.
  12. We were reading newspapers.
  13. He was drawing a picture.
  14. The servant was beating the dog.
  15. He was  making kites.
  16. He was singing a song.
  17. I were inviting the whole family.
  18. The teacher was taking attendance in the second period.
  19. The green grocer was selling fruits.
  20. Father was not spending money.
  21. I were buying mangoes.
  22. We were playing hockey.
  23. Hari was making kites.
  24. The merchant was selling sugar.
  25. Ram was watching movies.
  26. The teacher was calling the Loosi.
  27. The child was not eating apples.
  28. The masons were not building the house.
  29. He was serving his old parents.
  30. Sonam was not ironing her clothes.
  31. They were not attending to their work.
  32. The people were not listening to him.
  33. He was not singing a song.