Passive Voice Present Indefinite Tense

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Passive Voice Present Indefinite Tense

Today we are very glad to inform that our 1st voice are completed so we study Passive voice Present Indefinite Tense

Passive Voice Present Indefinite Tense

Voice of Present Indefinite tense   : –

Rule –     O + is /are/am + verb 3rd form + other word + by + subject.

1.I take coffee.      Ans. Coffee is taken by me.

2.he reads a book.    Ans. A Book is read by him. help Mohan.       Ans. Mohan is helped by you.

4.Mr. Sharma teaches English.       Ans. English is taught by Mr.Sharma.

5.Boys study five subjects.      Ans.  Five Subjects are studied by boys

6.They see a tiger.        Ans. A Tiger is seen by them.
7.she sings a song.      Ans. A song is sung by her. catch fish.          Ans. Fish is caught by you.
9.His teacher teaches  English.          Ans.  English is taught by his teacher.
10. Sita dries clothes.           Ans. Clothes are dried by sita.
11.I bring medicine.              Ans. Medicine is brought by me.
12.The carpenter makes a table.        Ans. A table is made by the carpenter.
13.we buy mangoes.              Ans. Mangoes are bought by us.
14.he shuts the door.           Ans. The door is shut by him . do not ring the bell.      Ans. The bell is not rung by you .
16.we love our parents.   Ans. our parents are loved by us.
17.He signs the  papers.                 Ans. the papers are signed by him.
18.The soldiers dig the trench.        Ans.  the trench is dug by the soldiers. copy the lesson .                Ans. the lesson is coppied by you.
20.His brothers polish shoes.           Ans.Shoes are polished by his brother.

21.Boys Fly kites.                  Ans. kites are flown by boys.

22.she knits a sweater.           Ans. A sweater is knitted by her.

23.the servant cleans the room.     Ans. the room is cleaned by the servant.

24.The boy shuts the gate.         Ans. the gate is shut by the boys.

25.he builds a hospital.      Ans. A hospital is built by him.

26.Mother cuts fruits.        Ans. fruits are cut by mother.

27.The merchant sells sugar.       Ans. Sugar is sold by the merchant.

28.People do not play cricket in America.    Ans. cricket is not played in America. (By People)

29.Sanjay does his work. Ans.His work is done by Sanjay.

30.Abhay helps the poor.     Ans. The Poor is helped  by Abhay.

31.I do my duty.             Ans. My Duty is done by me.
32.They expect good news.    Ans. Good news is expected by them.
33.My father helps me.      Ans. I am helped by my father.
34.This officer  punishes juniors.    Ans. Juniors is punished by this officer.
35.Kajal cooks food.                 Ans. food is cooked by kajal.
36.The Postman delivers letters.     Ans. letters are delivered by the postman. 
37.The thief steal my watch.         Ans. my watch is stolen by the thief.
38.Mohan does not eat mango.     Ans. Mangoe is  not eaten by  Mhan.


Passive Voice Present Indefinite Tense

Passive Voice Present Indefinite Tense