Passive Voice Exercise for Competitions

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Today we are going to tell you about of Passive Voice Exercise for Competitions  to tell you some important  questions.Passive Voice Exercise for Competitions

Passive Voice Exercise Competitions

Passive Voice Exercise Competitions


  1. I know him .                                     
  2. I wrote him a letter.
  3. Please help me.            
  4. She kept me waiting.             
  5. Some one punished the boy.      
  6. Post this letter.                                       
  7. All his friends laughed at him.
  8. We selected him           
  9. One should keep one’s promise.        

Answer –

  1. Ans. He is known to me.
  2. Ans. A letter was written to him by me.
  3. Ans. He should be helped.
  4. Ans. I was kept waiting by her.
  5. Ans. The boy was punished.
  6. Ans. Let this letter be posted.
  7. Ans. He was laughed at by all friends.
  8. Ans. He was selected captain by us.
  9. Ans. Promises should be kept


Passive Voice Exercise Competition

Passive Voice Exercise Competitions


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