Passage -Work is Worship

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Revision Test Paper- 1

Class -10 HM

Passage -Work is Worship

 Q.1- Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given at the end:        (5. M)

Work is worship and unless we treat it as such, neither we nor our country will progress. There is nothing to be ashamed of doing work. Some people feel that it is below their dignity to do certain jobs. It is said that a foreign diplomat once visited Abraham Lincoln when he was president of America. As the visitor went in, he found the great president polishing his shoes. Shocked at what he saw, the diplomat asked him whether he himself polished his shoes. President Lincoln asked, “Why, who polishes yours?” The great Ishwar Chandra Vidya  Sagar carried the luggage of a snobbish young man when the latter was looking around for a porter to carry the light luggage he had. Mahatma Gandhi too teaches us about dignity of work. Let us follow the examples of great people and realise that labour is dignifying and should be equated with worship.

 Questions – (a) According to the passage whose example should we follow?

(i) Our Own         (ii) others              (iii) great people.

(b) Supply one word from the passage for ‘Praying to God’.

(c) Why was the foreign diplomat shocked?

(d) Who carried the luggage of the young man?

(e) What does Mahatma Gandhi teach us?

Q.2- Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end: (5. M)

Language is the wonderful gift given to man. No animal possesses this gift, but they have their own way of expressing themselves. When a rabbit sees an enemy it runs away into its hole. Its tail, which is white, bobs up and down as it runs.  The other rabbits see it and they run too. They know that there is a danger. When a cobra is angry, it raises its hood and makes itself look fierce. This warns other animals. When a bee has found some food, it goes back to the hive. It cannot tell the other bees where the food is by speaking to them, but it does a kind of dance in the air. Some animals say things by making sounds. A dog barks, when a stranger comes near.

 Questions – (a) How does a rabbit react when it sees an enemy?

(i)  it bobs up and down its tail     (ii)  its makes a cracking sound         (iii)  shows its teeth.

(b) How does this rabbit give a signal of danger to other rabbits without making a sound?

(c) How does a cobra give a warning to other animals?

(d) Where does a bee carry the food.

(e) Pick out the word from the passage which means ‘owns’.

Q.3- Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end:  (5. M) 

An American enlisted himself in the Spanish army. He did not know the Spanish language. The commander informed that the king would come on inspection after six months. The king usually asked three question. “What is your age?” Since when have you been in army?” and “Are you satisfied with your lodging and boarding?” The commander taught him the answers and he crammed them. As usual the king came on inspection. Looking at the new soldier, he asked, “Since when have you been in my army?” “Sir, 25 years,” replied the soldier. The king was taken aback. He asked him the second question. “Then what is your age?” “Sir, six month,” The soldier humbly replied. “Am I mad or you? The king asked irritatingly. “Sir, both,” was the quick answer.


(a) What was the problem of the soldier?

(b) Which questions do the king usually ask?

(c) The soldier did not know …………………… language.

(i) American         (ii) Spanish          (iii) English           (iv) French

(d) The soldier replied that I am ………………….year old.

(i) 20                      (ii) 25                   (iii) 27                   (iv) 29

(e) Why was the king surprised?

Passage -Work is Worship


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Passage -Work is Worship