Our Casuarina Tree Extract

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Today we are going to  tell you about poetry  Our Casuarina Tree Extract . friends  its very useful for board exam so read  and share it Our Casuarina Tree Extract   

Lesson –5

Our  Casuarina Tree

                                              – Toru  Dutt

Poetry –

Extract – 1

 But  gallantly.

The giant wears the  scarf , and  flowers are  hung.

In  crimson clusters all the  boughs among.

Whereon all day are  gathered bird and bee;

And oft  at  nights the garden  overflows

With one sweet songs that  seems  to have no close

Sung darkling  from  our tree , while  men  repose.

Questions :

  1. Who does  the  ‘giant’ refer to  …….?
  2. In ………………….  Are  gathered birds and 
  3. What  overflows the  garden in  nights?
  4. Find a word which  mean the same as  ‘ collected’.

Answers :

  1. Casuarina tree is referred as the  ‘giant’.
  2. Crimson clusters.
  3. The sweet songs of the birds and bees overflow the  garden in nights.
  4. Gathered mean the same as collected.

Our Casuarina Tree Extract


Extract -2

But  not  because  of  its  magnificence

 Dear is the  Casuarina to my soul

Beneath it we  have  played : though years may roll,

sweet companions , loved with love  intense.

For your sakes, shall the tree be  ever dear .

Blent with your images, it shall arise

In memory , till the hot tears blind mine eyes!

What  is  that dirge – like murmur that  I hear

Like the sea breaking on  a  shingle- beach?

It is the  tree’s lament ,an  eerie speech,

That haply to the unknown land may reach.

Questions  :

  1. Why is the Casuarina  tree dear  to the poetess?
  2. What did the poetess do under the tree ?
  3. Which memory is attached with the  tree?
  4. Find a word similar in meaning to ‘Friends’.

Answers :

  1. Casuarinas tree is very dear  to the  poetess because it is magnificent and is  attached  with her  childhood memories.
  2. She played with her brother and sister under the tree.
  3. The memory of her  lost brother and sister is attached with  the time.
  4. ‘Companions’ is  similar in  meaning to ‘Friends’.

Our Casuarina Tree Extract


Extract  – 3

Therefore I fain would consecrate a lay

Unto thy honour , tree , beloved of those

Who now in blessed sleep for aye repose

Dearer than  life to me , alas were they!

Questions :

  1. What is  beloved to the poetess ?
  2. What is dearer than life to the poetess?
  3. What does the  poetess want to do ? Why?
  4. Find a word from the stanza opposite in meaning to ‘dishonour’.

Answers :

  1. Casuarina tree is beloved to the
  2. The brother  and sister of the  poetess are  dearer than life to the 
  3. The poetess wants to write verses to  immortalize the tree as her  tribute to it and  also pay  homage  and  love  to her dead 
  4. ‘Honour’ has  opposite meaning to dishonor.


Extract  – 4

Mayst  thou be  numbered when my days are done

With deathless trees – like those in Borrowdale ,

Under whose awful branches lingered pale

“Fear trembling Hope , and  Death , the skeleton ,

And  time the shadow, “  and  though weak the  verse

That would thy beauty fain, on , fain rehearse,

May Love defend tree from Oblivion’s curse.

Questions :

  1. ………….worries the poetess.
  2. What are ‘human curses’?
  3. What does the poetess wish?
  4. Give a word opposite in meaning to ‘stable’.


  1. Oblivion’s curse or  The fear of death.
  2. ‘Human Curses’ can include fear, hope, death and time.
  3. The Poetess wishes for the long life of the tree and tree becomes immortal like those in Borrow dale and her verse and  love will always protect the  tree  from the curse .
  4. Trembling .

Our Casuarina Tree Extract