Operation flood Revolution

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White Revolution –

White Revolution in M.P.

White Revolution is closely related to animal rearing white revolution means increase in milk production with the help of diary development programmers in rural areas. This is also known as operation flood Government has developed new species by interbreeding local cows and of foreign race. Which produce more milk. Diary cooperative societies were organized in rural areas. These societies collect the milk from milk producers and help them in marketing. Loan and medical facilities for animals are also given by these societies. This mission was started from Khera district of Gujarat and covered other states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh etc.

The strategy of research and development in the  field of production of crops for edible  oil seeds is known as yellow revolution. India was  self- sufficient till sixties in oilseed  production but due to decreased area of oil seed crops in total cultivable land , negligible use of manures and fertilizer , limited irrigation facilities , increasing population , no use of crop security and scientific technology has reduced the production in the country .various effort have been made  to increase  oilseed production . A technology mission was started in 1987-88 by Government  of India  in  which  oilseed in production  achieved a major breakthrough  with the help of  societies organized at   nation a  state and  local level  , agricultural  research institutions  and loan providing agencies .Government has increase the facilities of storage, distribution and declaration of  support price of oil seeds.

White Revolution in M.P.

White Revolution in M.P.

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All Revolution in M.P.

Crops Variety & Green Revolution

White Revolution in M.P.  read it more Operation flood Revolution