One Thousand Dollars 

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Today we are going to tell you about  14.One thousand Dollars  by O. Henry  of class 11th Special English  so friends read and share it more and more  14.One thousand Dollars  by O. Henry……

Lesson – 14

One Thousand Dollars

                                                                                                              –   O . Henry

                                                                            Special English

Part  -1                                                                  Class – 11 th  EM

 14.One thousand Dollars  by O. Henry

Q.1. Find out the words from the text for following expressions:

  1. afternoon performance of a show.

Ans. Matinee

  1. Produce books , newspapers etc. by printing .

Ans. Publish

  1. A Building in which horses are kept.

Ans. Ranch.

  1. Cheerfully.

Ans. Gaily .

  1. That is suggested indirectly or understood.

Ans. Intended .

  1. Make an attempt.

Ans. Moved .

  1. Boredom .

Ans. Offensive.

  1. Take some body somewhere in a car , taxi etc.

Ans. Driver .

  1. Showing care for future .

Ans. Prudent.

  1. Write or say something formally in n careful and clear way.

Ans. Declare.

  1. Become liquid as a result of heating.

Ans. Melt.

  1. Care and treatment of hands and hails.

Ans.  Manicure.

  1. Beg or implore.

Ans,  Request.

  1. A Piece of fabric or paper used to for cleaning lips and  fingures .

Ans. Linen .

15.Rest yourself in chair.

Ans. Drifted in

  1. A large and dark cave.

Ans.  Cavern

  1. A collection of valuable things such as gold , silver etc.

Ans. Poolroom.

  1. Try very hard to achive something.

Ans. Disposal

  1. A type of material that is made of string , thread or wire woven together.

Ans. Strip.

  1. Danger.

Ans. Precariousness.

One Thousand Dollars

14.One thousand Dollars  by O. Henry

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