One Thousand Dollars Part -2 

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One Thousand Dollars Part -2 

Lesson – 14

One Thousand Dollars

                                                                                                        O . Henry

                                                                      Special English 

Part -2  : – 

Question & Answer

Q.1. Why did the lawyer give Gillian the money ?

Ans. The lawyer gave Gillian the money because it was the share of the will  that his dead uncle had left.

Q.2. Why did Gillian call the amount of one thousand dollars a confoundedly awkward amount .

Ans. Gillian called the amount an awkward amount because on one hand it was a little amount, and he had to present an account for its expenditure.

Q.3.  Who bestowed the amount upon Gillian ?

Ans.  Gillian’s dead uncle beswtowed the amount upon him.

Q.4. Why did Gillian  go to the club?

Ans.  Gillian went  to club to hunt out one whom he called old Bryson.

Q.5. “Bryson was sequestered”, which sentence in the  story shows this quality of Bryson?

Ans.  When he saw Gillian , he   sighed. This sentence shows this quality of Bryson.

Q.6. What did Gillian consider as a joke in his uncle’s will?

Ans. Gillian’s uncle was worth half a million dollars even then he left only one thousand dollars for him , it was a joke  in the will.

Q.7. What did old Gillian bestow upon Miss Hayden?

Ans. Old Gillian bestowed upon Miss Hayden his  own share of amount.

Q.8. What would Gillian have done if his uncle had  bestowed  upon him a seal ring and ten dollars?

 Ans.  If his uncle had bestowed upon Gillian a seal ring and ten  dollars he  would have  enjoyed life never better than now.

Q.9. Why did Gillian want to spend the money at one go?

Ans. Gillian wanted to spend the money at one go because he had to maintain an account and he  did not like itemizing.

Q.10. What did the lawyer tell Gillian when he submitted his account?

Ans.  When Gillian had  submitted the account the lawyer told him that  the account would be examined and if it was  found to be   prudent , wise and unselfish , they would hand over him  the  additional amount of 50,000 dollars.

One Thousand Dollars Part -2 


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