On Umbrella Morals by A. G. Gardiner

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Today we are going to tell you On Umbrella Morals by A. G. Gardiner so friends read and share it  On Umbrella Morals by A. G. Gardiner On Umbrella Morals by A. G. Gardiner

10. On Umbrella Morals

                                                                    – A. G. Gardiner

Some  IMP Quuestions & Answer

Special English 

Class – 12th

Q.1. How did people who pick things belonging to others satisfy their conscience?

Ans.  People who pick things belonging to  others satisfy their conscience by expressing an apology to themselves that they  hadn’t  done it deliberately but by  mistake. Sometimes  they say ‘Ah! I way was just going to return it . I don’t  know how did it happen.’  Such people  if not caught won’t bother to feel sorry.  They don’t  say  a  word of  apology . They  are  umbrella conscience.

Q.2. What does the author  say about ‘umbrella conscience’? Mention some of its chief characteristics .

Ans.   This essay is a satire on the modern culture where people have lost their morals. They do  wrong but don’t accept it. They do wrong knowingly. They don’t care for others ‘ trouble. The author gives many examples. He says  that such people take your umbrellas made of  silk and leave  their own  cotton umbrellas in exchange . They take your books and never  return. they  are not only ordinary people but some religious and high  profile people also  who do it . They  also  don’t feel shy. They do it only to appease their conscience sometimes  they may feel sorry and say to you that they were just going to return it but that is not  the  fact . They only play hide and seek with  their own conscience.

Q.3. What does the author mean by  ‘play hide and seek with our own conscience’?

Ans. The Author is very much annoyed with the people;s habit of picking up  other;s  things . Usually they do it deliberately . They know that they are picking up a better thing and leaving their own inferior thing. They don’t feel shy . They don’t bother to return it back even if the owner’s name is written there. If  caught hey will simply say ‘AH! I don’t  know , how did it happen?” They ignorance but they feel happy.In  this way ,  they play hide and seek  with their own conscience by their inner- self which did wrong. 

On Umbrella Morals by A. G. Gardiner

Q.4. Justify the title, ‘ On Umbrella Morals’ in your own words.

Ans.  A. G. Gardiner was  famous for  his  essays on even  trivial is like on Catching  Trains. On the Rule of the Road. On  saying Please On  Umbrella Morals is such a peculiar essay which  captures a very common phenomena which expresses the  modern way of  life. Here he takes the  theme of losing things. There are people who pick up other’s things without hesitation. They do it deliberately and if caught they with out any sense of shame say ” AH! I don’t know  how did it happen?  It is really a surprise to me .” they don’t return the umbrella even if they got any clue  of the owner. The whole of the Story is based on   Umbrella. Since , the author shows, how the umbrella goes from one person to another  and how one incident made him realise. how  can he protect  his umbrella by putting his name on it gives him a moral of life. Hence the title is very  suitable to its theme.


On Umbrella Morals by A. G. Gardiner

On Umbrella Morals by A. G. Gardiner