O’Light!(9th HM)

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 Today we are going to tell you some important question and Answer of class -9th ,O’Light!(9th HM) .friends this post is very useful to  examinations purpose. so friends  read this blogs and update your knowledge and keep reading …………………O’Light!(9th HM)


Some important Question & Answer

1.O Light !

                                                                               –   Subramaniam Bharati

Q.1. what is the sun ?

Ans. The sun is the source of light.

Q.2whose life and soul of  the  light?

Ans. The light is the  life and soul of the sun.

Q.3.’Light is the form  of knowledge ‘.Elaborate.

Ans. When a man sleeps he  sees only darkness. He cannot do  anything. But when  light comes he wake up . he can do anything. An ignorant person is  like a sleeping person. When he  gets knowledge, he  becomes a powerful person. So we  can  say that light is the form of  knowledge.

Q.4. why does the  poet long for light? Give  some references from the poem.

Ans. He wants to know from the light the following-

1.when was it born.

2.who made it .

3. what is it.

4. what is its nature?


O’Light!(9th HM)