Of Expense

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Of Expense

Special English 

Class -10th 

3.Of Expense

Q.1. How should Prudent spending of riches be done?

Ans. Riches are meant to be spent. They are not meant to be wasted .they should be spent for  honour and good actions. They should be spent keeping in view the worth of the occasion such spendings are known as  prudent  spending.

Q.2.What are the two motives for the sacrifice of all other possessions?

Ans. Every man has a number of possessions. They include his estate his regular income and his casual gettings. honour and good actions are the two motives for the sacrifice of all other possessions.

Q.3.What is Bacon’s advice on extraordinary expenses?

Ans. In the essay ‘of Expanse’ , Francis Bacon gives us an  advise. He says that we should limit our Extra-ordainary expenses keeping in view the worth of the occasion. This means the people should be discreet in spending money.

Q.4.What are the Bacons’ view on servants and Employees?

Ans. Bacon holds adverse views on servants and employees. he says that servant an employees  are  tricksters. They might deceive you if they spent your money on your behalf .they may also exploit. you by  keeping some money with them .  

Q.5. Why is hasty selling disadvantageous?

Ans. Sometimes a man wants  to  dispose of his estate. He should be very careful in it. If we  make  undue haste  in selling our  estate . we  would  be  duped by the middleman  if would  pinch  us  lifelong  because haste  makes waste.  

Q.6.What does Bacon want to convey, when he says’ To turn all to certainties’?

Ans. Bacon is in favour of turning all to certainties. He instructs his readers to curtail his ordinary expenses. he must not  spend more  than half  of his earnings . he should kep the balance  between his  earnings and expenditure . he should not depend on his servant  and  employees because they would  bring only sorrow  and  uncertainty  . he should be certain  that his  Indiscreet  spending  might not prove  pain ful to him .

Q.7. Distinguish between ordinary and extraordinary expenses in the light of the views expressed by Bacon.

Ans. Francis bacon refers of two types of expenses he terms them as ordinary and extraordinary   expenses.

Ordinary expenses are normal usual and unavoidable routine expenses they can be calculated in advance expenses on food, milk fees for the children and payment of bills   are necessary expenses.

Extraordinary expenses  are those  expenses which are  casual  that they cannot   be foreseen  the expenses on medicine  entertainment  of guests  purchase of fashion  item etc. come under this category.

Q.8.How far, are the view of Bacon relevant to present time?

Ans. Bacon was of the view that his readers should be discreet  in spending money we should  spend only if fixed  portion of our income and save the rest  for rainy day. We should personally look after our financial matters. His views are partially relevant to the present time. The way of life has totally change now. Ladies and children have an upper hand in spending the money. The salaried people with a fixed single income  live from  hand to months .There for  the question of saving money  is a  silly thought.    

Q.9. Write a short note on ‘Proper Money Management’.  2010

Ans. Money is not meant to be wasted. it is rather  to be spent  usefully .Every penny has its  own value it should be spent judiciously . Assess the utility of the item you under take to purchase. It should be spent   halfheartedly on comforts .Spend on the health an education spent the least on fashions. Money should add  to your joy and curtail  your sorrow .   

3.Of Expense


Of Expense