O Captain ! My Captain QUESTIONS & ANSWER

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13.O Captain ! My Captain 

                                                                           – Walt Whitman

Q.1. How do people react as  the  ship approaches  the  port ?

Ans. When the ship  reaches  the port  people feel great  pleasure.

Q.2. Where does the captain  of the  ship  lie?
The captain of the  ship  is lying on the  deck.

Q.3. what makes  the  poet  think  that the  captain is dying ?

Ans. The poet  thinks that the  captain  is  dying  because  his  lips are  pale and still. Moreover, there  is no  pulse.

Q.4. what does the poet choose to do  instead of  joining people’s rejoicings?

Ans. Instead of joining the  people’s rejoicing the poet chose to walk mournfully on the  deck where his  captain was  lying.

Q.5. Write down the expressions by which the poet suggests that his captain is finally dead.

Ans. Fallen cold and dead; his lips are pale and still he has  no pulse or will. These expressions suggest that the captain is dead.

O Captain ! My Captain

13.O Captain ! My Captain


O Captain ! My Captain QUESTIONS & ANSWER