Noun Error finding


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Pratice Exercise

Directions (Q.Nos 1-15) find out  the part which has an error in each of the following sentences. If there is the errors  .Your answer is (d).

Questions : 

  1. Wordsworth’s poetries (a) / is characterized by his subtle description (b)/ of the beauty and liveliness of nature.(c)/ no errors (d).
  2. The committee is divided over the issue (a)/ of his appointment and this has resulted (b)/ is much rancor among it is members . (c)/ No errors (d).
  3. He has bought (a)/ four breads (b)/ for  lunch today. (c) /No errors(d).
  4. This data are (a)/ very useful to arrive (b)/ at correct conclusion. (c) No errors(d).
  5. “I have never seen (a) / such a lovely spectacles in my life”,  (b)/ said the passerby. (c)/ No error(d).
  6. If a student needs a advices (a)about carres, he or she should (b)/ consult the careers officers. (c)/ No error(d).
  7. Indian is one of  (a)/ the leading film producing (b)/ country in the world . (c) No error(d).
  8. Cattles were (a) / grazing in the meadows. (b)/ near our farm. (c) / No error (d).
  9. The information supplied to us (a)/ were not as, useful as (b)/ we first thought it would be. (c)/ No error (d).
  10. One of the most (a)/ widely spread bad habit (b)/ is the use of tobacco. (c)/ No error (d).
  11. I do my best but I don’t understand (a)/why I do not get (b)/ expected mark in the examinations . (c)/ No error(d).
  12. The wall of this magnificent building (a) / is fifty foot high (b)/ and its paintings are very striking . (c)/ No error(d)
  13. One of my good friend (a)/ is both an artist (b)/ and a physician of repute. (c)/ No error (d)
  14. A farmer was leading (a) oxes to his field (b)/ for ploughing early in the morning. (c) /No error (d)
  15. It is difficult to find man servants (a) in big cities because (b)/ they are engaged in other  profitable  (c) / No error (d)

Answers – 

1.(a) 2.(a) 3. (b) 4. (a) 5. (b) 6. (a) 7. (c) 8. (a) 9. (b) 10. (b) 11. (c) 12. (b) 13. (a) 14. (b) 15. (a)

errors finding in noun

errors finding in noun

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