Noun Error Finding

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Read the following sentences carefully to find out any grammatical error based on Noun. The error will be in one part of the sentence. The letter (a), (b), (c), (d) indicating the part is the answer. Noun Error Finding

1. The sceneries of kashmir (a) / move me (b) / most. (c) / No. error (d)
2. Cattle (a) / is grazing (b) / in the field.(c) / No. error (d)
3. His elder brother (a) / gave him (b) / many good advices(c) / No. error (d)
4. The majority (a)/ are opposed (b)/ to this proposal (c) / No. error (d)
5. The poor people of the village buy neither vegetables (a) / nor grow them (b) / in the village(c) / No. error (d)
6. The Greeks (a) / were (b) / brave peoples(c) / No. error (d)
7. My cousin brothers (a) / are coming (b) / tonight (c) / No. error (d)
8. Thank you (a) / for your (b)/ advices (c) / No. error (d)
9. What is (a) / your critereons (b) / for admission (c) / No. error (d)
10. How (a) / is your (b)/ father and mother? (c) / No. error (d)
11. One (a)/ should (b)/ help poors (c) / No. error (d)
12. His father (a)/ gave him (b)/ many good advices (c) / No. error (d)
13. He gave me (a)/ a five rupees note (b)/ and asked me to get (c)/ him a few cigarettes. (d)/ No error.(e)
14. My coat’s pocket (a)/ has (b)/ a big hole (c) / No. error (d)
15. A herd of cattles (a)/ were grazing (b)/ in the farm. (c) / No. error (d)
16. One of my friend (a)/ is (b)/ a good poet (c) / No. error (d)
17. We (a)/ must be (b)/ true to our words (c) / No. error (d)
18. You have to (a)/ put your sign (b)/ here (c) / No. error (d)
19. They have learnt (a)/ many poetries (b)/ by heart (c) / No. error (d)
20. Entry (a)/ to the cinema (b)/ is by tickets. (c) / No. error (d)
21. Don’t sit (a)/ on the ground (b)/ of the room. (c) / No. error (d)
22. My parents saw her (a)/ at a doctor’s clinic (b)/ and en quired about her state of health (c) / No. error (d)
23. Boys who live in the boarding (a)/ do not get / delicious meal (c) / No. error (d)
24. Three males and four females (a) / were selected (b)/ for this work (c) / No. error (d)
25. There is no place (a)/ for them (b)/ in this coach. (c) / No. error (d)
26. What’s (a)/ your date of birth (b)/ ? (c) / No. error (d)
27. We (a)/ do not use (b)/ blotting these days (c) / No. error (d)
28. Help him (a)/ after all we are brothers (b)/ of the same profession (c) / No. error (d)
29. Mr. David (a) /our English teacher (b) /works hard. (c) / No. error (d)
30. They want to spend (a) / these summer vacations (b) / with one of their teachers (c) / No. error (d)
31. Credit (a) / that sum (b) / in my name. (c) / No. error (d)
32. Our principal (a)/ granted us (b)/ freeship. (c) / No. error (d)
33. The weather of our place (a)/ does not (b)/ Suit us (c) / No. error (d)
34. The wages (a)/ of wrong doing (b)/ are prison. (c) / No. error (d)
35. We do not qualify (a) / to pass order (b) / for her release. (c) / No. error (d)
36. We don’t (a) / know the reason (b) / of an earth quake (c) / No. error (d)
37. My brothers are (a) / in the teaching (b) / lime. (c) / No. error (d)
38. The bench (a)/ was diuided in its opinion (b)/ yesterday (c) / No. error (d)
39. Good night (a) / How did you (b) / do that ? (c) / No. error (d)
40. My brother’s friend’s sister (a) / is (b) / a nurse (c) / No. error (d)
41. The next item (a) / on the agendum (b) / is the publicity budget. (c) / No. error (d)
42. There are many (a) / beautiful furnitures (b) / in the room (c) / No. error (d)
43. Fish and chips (a)/ is my favourite (b) / dish for lunch (c) / No. error (d)
44. There are (a)/ so many filths (b)/ all around the office (c) / No. error (d)
45. It was a pleasant (a)/ five hours drive (b)/ from Varanasi to Patna (c) / No. error (d)
46. The relatives of the victim (a)/ threatened to avenge (b) /her death (c) / No. error (d)
47. Three conditions critical (a)/ for growing plants are (b) / soil, temperature chemical balance or amount of moisture (c) / No. error (d)
48 A, series of lectures (a) / have been delivered at the uni versity (b) / by adistinguished scholar (c) / No. error (d)
49. A friend of my brother (a) / came to my uncle yester day (b) / and asked him for help (c) / No. error (d)
50. Our building’s roof (a) / needs (b) / repairing (c) / No. error (d)

Noun Error Finding
51. My parents visited (a) / Mr. John’s and Paney’s house (b) / and invited them to the party (c) / No. error (d)
52. The life of the poor (a) / is not in many ways as happy as (b) / that of the rich’s (c) / No. error (d)
53. The door’s handle (a) / was broken (b) / by a boy (c) / No. error (d)
54. A director says that (a) / he appreciates his staffs (b) /coming on time and co-perating him (c) / No. error (d)
55. Bread and butter (a) / are (b) / my favourite break -fast. (c) / No. error (d)
56. One of the most (a)/ widely spread (b)/ bad habitat (c)/ is the use of tobacco. (d)/ No error.(e)
57. Recently I visited Kashmir (a)/ and found the sceneries (b)/ to be marvelous. (c)/ No error.(d)
58. All the furnitures have been (a) sent to the new house (b)/ located in a village. (c)/ No error.(d)
59. They left (a)/ their luggages (b)/ at the railway station. (c)/ No error.(d)
60. The police were ordered (a)/ to catch the thief (b)/ with arm. (c)/ No error.(d)
61. My brother-in-laws (a)/ who live in Bombay (b)/ have come to stay with us. (c)/ No error.(d)
62. This article (a)/ is not available in (b)/ any of the shop (c)/ in the market. (d)/ No error.(e)
63. The blinds (a)/ deserve (b)/ our sympathy. (c)/ No error.(d)
64. As a rule (a)/ each of the boy (b)/ cleans up the hostel (c) twice a month. (d)/ No error.(e)
65. One of (a)/ every two new (b)/ business fail (c)/ within two year. (d)/ No error.(e)
66. It is very (a)/ difficult to chase (b)/ a huge score (c)/ in the fourth inning. (d)/ No error.(e)
67. There was no money (a) in the bank in (b)/ Maya’s and Veen’s (c)/ joint account. (d)/ No error.(e)
68. Between them (a)/ there is plenty of rooms (b)/ for most of talents (c)/ to breathe freely. (d)/ No error.(e)
69. Liberalisation of economy (a)/ has given birth to (b)/ many uncommon (c)/ phenomenon in the society. (d)/ No error.(e)
70. I have not read (a)/ the first and second (b)/ chapter of the (c)/ freedom struggle. (d)/ No error.(e)
71. Pt. Nehru was one of the most (a)/ learned statesman (b)/ if not the most (c)/ learned statesman. (d)/ No error.(e)
72. Since newly appointed teachers (a)/ lack basic teaching skills (b)/ the teacher’s training schools are (c)/ providing basics of teaching skills to these teachers. (d)/ No error.(e)
73. Pakistani Govt. has (a)/ turned a deaf ear (b)/ to the advices of Indians Govt. (c)/ for peace. (d)/ No error.(e)
74. After their marriage (a)/ the two brothers (b)/ do not see (c)/ eye to eye on any issue. (d)/ No error.(e)

Noun Error Finding

Answer : –
1. (a) 2. (b) 3. (c) 4. (b) 5. (a) 6. (c)
7. (a) 8. (c) 9. (b) 10. (c) 11. (c) 12. (c)
13. (b) 14. (a) 15. (a) 16. (a) 17. (c) 18. (b)
19. (b) 20. (b) 21. (c) 22. (b) 23. (c) 24. (a)
25. (a) 26. (b) 27. (c) 28. (b) 29. (b) 30. (b)
31. (c) 32. (c) 33. (a) 34. (c) 35. (c) 36. (b)
37. (c) 38. (b) 39. (a) 40. (a) 41. (b) 42. (b)
43. (c) 44. (b) 45. (c) 46. (b) 47. (b) 48. (b)
49. (a) 50. (a) 51. (b) 52. (a) 53. (a) 53. (a)
54. (b) 55. (b) 56. (c) 57. (b) 58. (a) 59. (b)
60. (c) 61. (a) 62. (c) 63. (a) 64. (b) 65. (c)
66. (d) 67. (c) 68. (b) 69. (d) 70. (c) 71. (b)
72. (c) 73. (c) 74. (a)