Noise by R K Narayan

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Today we are going to tell you about Noise by R K Narayan. friends its very important to control noise .its imp questions and answer for class- 9 th HM.Noise by R K Narayan


17.Cheemi : The brave girl

Q.1.who were said to be  Prvati Kaki’s ancestors?

Ans. It was said that Parvti Kaki’s  ancestors were  related to the great  peshwas  who  ruled Maharashtra during the 18th &19th  centuries.

Q.2. what was the  source of  cheemi’s food and  clothes ?

Ans.Cheemi  lived on  left over  women  in the  neighbourhood gave her  the girls of her age  gave  their discarded clothes.                    18.Noise


 Q.1. why do we create  noise ?

Ans. We create  noise not only to show  that we are in a happy  and festive mood is in a party etc. but also  to canvass votes, to  advertise a commodity or a point of  view and  for its own sake.

Q.2. Name the different kinds of noises.

Ans. Necessary noise, unnecessary noise, purposeful noise and purposeless noise.

Q.3. what do you mean by noise pollution? How does noise create pollution?

Ans. Noise is the greatest bane of modern life. Every moment of our lives we are being distracted by it .  Noise weakens our nerves and maddens us .the noise in and around us is wearing us out at a terrific pace. This is noise pollution.



Noise by R K Narayan

17.Cheemi : The brave girl