New Past and Present

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Today we are going to tell you some important extract of class 9th special english lesson -4  poem New Past and Present   friends read and share it ..4.Past and Present 

Special English 

Class – 9 EM

Lesson – 4  Poem (Past and Present  )

Q.1.  Read the extracts from the poem carefully and  answer the question  given  under  them:

I remember ,I remember

The house where I was  born

The little window where the sun

Came peeping in at morn;

He never came a wink soon

Nor brought too long a day

But now I often wish  the night

Had borne my breath away.

Questions :

  1. Why does the poet remember the ‘house’?
  2. What does ‘too soon’ and ‘too long’ refer to ?
  3. What does the poet desire?
  4. Find out the lines which express the beauty of the Sun- Shine.
  5. Name the Poem.
  6. Write the antonym of ‘always’

Answers :

  1. The poet remembers the house because  he was  born there.He remembers the little window  where the morning sunlight entered in the
  2. ‘too soon’ and ‘ too long ‘ refer to the exact time..
  3. The poet desires that he should pass away in a night.
  4. The lines are –

Where the sun

Came peeping in at morn.

  1. Past and Present
  2. Never

4.Past and Present part -1 extract


4.Past and Present

New Past and Present