My Father Travels – Dilip Chitre

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Today we are going to tell you 11. My Father Travels – Dilip Chitre friends its class- 12 EM  IMP questiona & Answers so read and share it more ….My Father Travels – Dilip Chitre

My Father Travels – Dilip Chitre


Lessson – 11

My Father Travels

                                                             –  Dilip Chitre

Some  IMP Quuestion & Answer

 Q. Answer the following question.

Q.1. Who is the narrator in the poem ?

Ans.  The poet himself is the  narrator in the  poem.

Q.2. ‘suburb slide past his unseeing eyes’. What is  implied by ‘unseeing eyes’ in this line?

Ans.  ‘Unseeing eyes’ implies that  the  father is in deep thought, unaware of what is passing through. 

Q.3. what does the poet mean by ‘ a word dropped from a long sentence?

Ans. The poet means that the  father during travel was a  part of the  train but  now he is detached from it after getting down from it .

Q.4. what does  the father contemplate on in the toilet ?

Ans.  The father  contemplates over the degradation  of social values and  relationships.

Q.5. What does the father dream of in  sleep?

Ans.  The father  dreams of his  ancestors, his  grand children and  thinks about  nomads in  his sleep.

Q.6. what does ‘yellow’ stand for  in the line  ‘Standing among silent commuters in the  yellow light’?

Ans.  ‘yellow’  stand for  ‘ fright ‘ and ‘fear’ here . The poet  here focuses on the sense of  insecurity developing among our old generations who are  being ignored and  neglected by  their youngsters. Today in the  fast running way of life, we do not take care of our old guards who once protected us. We do not pay respect to them. We  do not bother to share their feelings. Hence, they are  scared of their life. They are alone in their journey of life, completely  secluded and detached.

 My Father Travels – Dilip Chitre

Q.7.why does the father  hurry on ?

Ans. The father in this poem  represents the  old  values. He  travels alone in the  train standing among the old aged daily passengers with a fearful look and  depressed lot of humanity . he has a sense of attachment with the family. He hurries back home to have  some time with his family. He feels overburdened with the  feeling of values that he represents. He is tired and  secluded. But the  whole idea of ‘Home ‘ makes  him hurried on .   

Q.8. why does the father  tremble at the  sink?

Ans.  The father comes back home. He eats stale chapatis and  drinks weak tea.  Nobody  cares about his presence. He is alone in the house as no one  bothers for him. He is ignored by  his grandchildren. Nobody shares his woes. He goes to toilet in order to ease himself. It also symbolises a feeling of detachment from the worldly burden of relationship. So he trembles at the sink out of weakness which is physical but also he shivers, thinking whenre the new society is led to .

Q.9. what does the poet call the  children sullen?

Ans.  The poet  calls the children sullen because they are different from the previous generation .Theyfeel differently  and do accordingly. They do not bother for the old generation. They have their own way of living. They have no  time to care  or  even look at their grandparents. They lack affinity and feeling . it is the  trend of modern civilization. Moral values are  vanishing fast. Children are growing indisciplined. They are becoming self-  centred.

Q.10. Give the central idea of the  poem-  My Father Travels .

Ans.  My Father Travels is a poem on the  dehumanising growth of the modern civilization. It captures the predicament of an  aged man in this  dehumanised urban world. He feels  depressed at the crumbling traditionnal value system and human relationship.. the younger generation lacks sincerity and regard for their old generation. They don’t bother to honour the  traditional values and  ways of life. They imitate the fast changing world pattern where there is no place for the old and  the aged for them the old is not gold but stale and  outdated . this is the  negative aspect of the modernisation.

My Father Travels – Dilip Chitre

11. My Father Travels – Dilip Chitre

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My Father Travels – Dilip Chitre