Mrs Packletide’s Tiger 

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Today we are going to tell you Mrs Packletide’s Tiger by Saki .friends read this extra question for CBSE Board only and friends read and share it …..Mrs Packletide’s Tiger 

2.Mrs Packletide’s Tiger  by Saki

Class – 10  CBSE  BOARD 

Part -2

Extract Based Questions :-

Mrs Packletide’s Tiger Extract Based Questions

Q.1. As for  Mrs. Loona Bimberton , she  refused  to  look at an  illustrate paper for weeks and her letter of thanks for the   gift of  a tiger – claw   broorch was  a model of  repressed emotions.

(a) Why did Mrs. Loona  Bimberton not look at the  papers for  the week?

(b) The word ….  In the  extract means ‘ restrained’.

(c) Why were ber emotions ‘repressed’?

(d) State the motive behind presenting a tiger – claw brooch to Loona Bimberton?

Ans.   (a) The newspapers were  full of news about  Mrs. Packletide’s tiger hunt. Mrs. Loona Bimberton probably couldn’t stand the sight of  Mrs.Packletide being praised so much.

(b) ‘repressed’.

(c) She was  jealous of the  attention Mrs. Packletide was  getting but  she  couldn’t  do  anything about it . hence  her  emotions were repressed .

(d) Mrs. Packletide  presented a tiger – claw brooch to Loona Bimberton just to satisfy her own envious attribute .

Q.2. “How amused every one  would be if they knew  what really happened”.

(a) The word ………in the  extract is a  synonym of ‘delighted.’

(b) What is the  speaker trying to say ?

(c) What was  the  tone of the  speaker ?

(d) Explain the intricacies of ‘what really happened’ .

Ans.  (a) ‘amused’

(b) Louisa Mebbin is trying to say that Mrs.  Packletide’s  tiger hunt was  a failure , and if somebody got  to know  about  it  then Mrs Packletide’s social reputation would surely be  tarnished.

(c)  the tone  of the speaker appears to be  threatening.

(d) ‘what really happened’  indicates that the  tiger was not shot dead by the bullet but it died due to  heart failure.

2. Mrs Packletide’s Tiger  by Saki


Mrs Packletide’s Tiger Extract Based Questions

Mrs Packletide’s Tiger