Mrs. Packletide,s tiger by saki

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2. Mrs. Packletide,s tiger by saki

Class – 10


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Q.1. Why did Mrs packletide wish to kill a tiger ?

Ans. Mrs packletides arch rival loona Bimberton had gained popularity because she was flown eleven miles in an aeroplane by an Algerian pilot

Mrs packletide was felt jealous of her. She wanted to prove that she was braver and more adventurous than her rival. Hence,she wanted to kill a tiger.

Q .2. What made her decide to give a party in Mrs  Loona Bimberton ,s honour ? What did she intend to give Mrs Loona Bimberton on her berthday ?

Ans . Mrs packltide was jealous of Mrs. Loona Bimberton’s Achievment . the desire to overshadow Mrs. Loona Bimberton’s Made her  deside to give a party in her honour . she intended to gift  Mrs Loona  Bimberton’s  a tiger  ,clow   brooch on her birthday .

Q.3. How was the  Tiger suiting arranged  ? What kind of tiger was choosen   for the purpose .

Ans. The tiger  Shooting  was arranged  with  the  help of the villagers and louisa  mabbin , a cunning  and sharp  women . the villagers were  paid a  a thousand rupees arranged  for an old tiger  for the hunt. A very old and weak tiger , that cold not even  kill  his prey for food , was chosen  for the hunt.

Q.4. in  what  way   did the villager help Mrs. Packltide shoot the tiger ?

Ans.  It was only due  to the villagers help that Mrs Packletide   could  shoot the tiger  they posted the children to see that the tiger did not move away to other grounds  . women passing  through the  jungle sang softly so that the  noise would not disturbed the tiger . a goat  was also tied at the scene  to  attract the tiger  to a particular place .

Q.5. Do ypu think that  louisa Mebbin  was devoted  to Mrs Packletide give reason for your answer .

Ans.  Miss Mebbin was Mrs Packletide paid  companion  who would  assist  her during  the tiger  hunt Mrs. Mebbin  was not at all devoted  to Mrs Packletide . she behave  like a professional  companion  who was just concerned  about her  payment  and intended to save as  possible  on the whole  her  attitude  was quite  money minded and arrogant .

Mrs. Packletide,s tiger by saki