Mrs. Packletide

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2.Mrs. Packletide 

Class -10 CBSE BOARD

Part -3

Q.3. “How you shot the goat and  frightened the  tiger to death”  said Louisa Mebbin with  her  disagreeably pleasant laugh .

(a) In the  above statement  Louisa Mebbin is   making  fun  of Mrs. Packletide Why?

(b) Which characteristic of Louisa Mebbin is highlighted in the  above extract?

(c) Which word in the  above  extract means the  same as  scared ?

(d)  What hidden intentions were there for Louisa Mebbin when she made the statement ?

Ans.  (a) Louisa Mebbin  made fun of Mrs. Packletide because instead of killing the tiger. Mrs. Packletide shot the goat.

(b) It reveals her opportunism and a  keen sense of  observation.

(c) The word is ‘frightened’.

(d) Louisa Mebbin was  trying to invoke the idea that she knew the truth of the  tiger hunt and  she needed some favour to keep herself mum.

Q.4. Mrs Packletide indulges in no  more big game shooting . “ The  incidental  expenses are so  heavy , “ she confides to  inquiring friends.

(a) The word ……. In the extract means ‘ Secondary’ .

(b) What lesson does  Mrs Packletide  learn during  the big game  hunting ?

(c) How did the  incidental  expenses become heavy ?

(d) How would you asses the  heavy expenses of Mrs Packletide ?

Ans. (a) ‘ incidental ‘

(b) Mrs.Packletide had suffered  a hunger loss in her attempt  to out do  her rivel  and  thus  dropped  the idea of  indulging  in big  game  hunting .

(c) Apart from  RS 1000 promised  to the  villagers Mrs. Packletide  to pay Rs.680  for Louisa Mebbin’s week end  cottage incidentally .  this made the  incidental expenses too  heavy  for Mrs.Packletide.

(d) Mrs.Packletide’s heavy expressed are ian example of unplanned and  fame  seeking  act. She should have thought of every  possibilities but she was  maddened at the  hunting of  tiger .

Mrs. Packletide PART -3

Mrs. Packletide