Mrs. Packletide tiger

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Mrs. Packletide tiger 

Part -4

Short Answer  Type Questions : –

Q.1.  What advantage did  Louisa Mebbin take  from Mrs. Packletide ? Why ?


How does Louisa Mebbin blackmail Mrs. Packletide into gifting her cottage?

Ans. Louisa Mebbin  knew that Mrs. Packletide  had not  shot the tiger . she was  a cunning woman and decided to use this to her advantage. She  threatened Mrs. Packletide and blackmailed her by  demanding a big amount to buy  a week –end  cottage for not letting out her  secret.

 Q.2. How was  the  tiger hunt more beneficial  to  other than  to Mrs.Packletide ?

Ans. Mrs. Packletide’s  main objective behind the tiger hunt was to demoraline Mrs. Loona Bimberton. She failed in her  mission miserably because Mrs. Loona Bimberton declined her invitation to the  luncheon party  she had   thrown   to show off. On  the other hand she had to  spend  a huge  sum of  money for event which  benefitted the  villagers  more  than  Mrs.  Packletide herself . Louisa Mebbin on the other  hand on  pretext of  disclosing the secret , snatched a considerable  amount of money  from her . thus  we see Mrs. Packletide could  neither demoralis .Mrs. Loona Bimberton nor could save her money.

Q.3. What motivated Mrs. Packletide to deviate towards the  footsteps of Nimrod?

Ans. Like any other woman of high society .Mrs. Packletide was  an ordinary housewife. The news of Loona Bimberton being flown 11 miles by an Algerian  Pilot aroused her jealousy and the   bitterness of her heart compelled her to resort to  hunting  a tiger in order to outshine her . this inordinate desire motivated her to  deviate  towards the footsteps of Nimrod ( a famous hunter in the old  testamnt).

Mrs. Packletide tiger part -4

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Mrs. Packletide tiger part -4

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