Today we are going to tell you some important question& Answer-2019  for M.P. Board  MP BOARD 31 IMP Q.& ANSWER CLASS-12 HM

Class -12th 

General English



Q.1.Whom does  the poet wish to trust ?

Ans. The poet  wants us to trust our inner voice that warm us against a sinful deed .

          Conscience of the  inner voice also distinguishes between right and wrong.

Q.2. In what order does the poet wish to listen to the voice ?

Ans. The poet wishes to listen to the voice are-

1.Of nearest ones  and dear ones.2.Of the down-trodden.3.Of one’s own soul   4.Of god.

The significance is that it is from far to near and from the outer to the innermost.

Q.3.what was Mini doing in the balcony ? 

Ans. Mini was sitting in her wheel chair and watching the children playing in the park outside.

Q.4. Describe the duck’s farewell.      

Ans. Mini father took all the children and the duck to nearby lake. The children lifted their the duck carefully from Mini lap and gently released him into the lake .he began swimming and shoveling the water with his beak. the children watched him for a long time

Q.5. what disability did she have?          

Ans. Mini was a spastic .who had no control over her hands & legs from birth.she could not walk.

Q.6. What is the main difference between playmates and schoolmates?

Ans. The main difference between playmates and schoolmates is that schoolmates are the students of the same school while playmates may or may not be.

Q.7. Explain ,‘ True equality is the only true morality or true wisdom ’ .

Ans. True wisdom requires that everybody should be treated as equal so that there are no conflicts in society resulting in peace and prosperity .and according to true morality why should there be discrimination  based on wealth and status when everybody is born equal . thus it can be said  that true  equality is the only true morality and true wisdom.

Q.8.what is the attire of the earth?  

Ans. The attire of the earth is the water of the seas and the greenery on the land.

Q.9. why does the poet regards earth a friend? 

Ans. The poet regards earth as a friend because it provides us food and water to survive as well as permits us to make gardens and cities on it.

Q.10. What are comfort zones?

Ans. Comfort zones may be external or physical,mental ,emotional social or psychological in these we feel comfort .

Q.11. why should we leave our comfort zones and how?  

Ans. We should leave our comfort   zones if we want to reach any significant goal in our life . we can leave them by effort and commitment

Q.12. what are natural laws? how do they  affect our lives ?

Ans. Natural laws are fundamental patterns of nature and life. if we  obey them we  gain  better control of our lives have improved relationships, increase our own productivity and experience inner peace

Q.13.who was Swami   Arvasu ?   

Ans. Swami   Arvasu was a monk who roamed the villages along the river Ganga’s with his small group of followers.

Q.14.what happened when Birju went to collect firewood?

Ans. When Birju went to collect the firewood the whole village was asleep .at this odd time of midnight he didn’t want to disturb the villagers. so he was wandering in search of firewood. Suddenly he heard a sound of frying something

Q.15. Explain the storage system of the brain.

Ans. The brain stores each memory in several place so that if one part of the brain cells are destroyed the memory isn’t lost and can be retrieved from other place when needed.

Q.16. what is a blood –brain barrier? how does it work ? 

Ans. A blood –brain barrier serves as a gate-keeper it allows some things to go in but stops others to do so.

Q .17.  who were the  first visitors to the  farm ?         

Ans . Birds and  butterflies  were  the first visitors to the  farm.

Q.18. Describe the modern day achievements of Indians.

Ans.   1. We have launched our own missile.  2. Agricultural   production is soaring.

3. Our It companies and  auto component manufacturers are among the  best in the world.

4. Our pharmaceutical industries are capturing world markets and are set to invent new drugs.

5. Indians professionals are being recognized in their achievements in all parts of the

Q.19. What place does agriculture occupy in vision 2020?

Ans. Agriculture would   become very   remunerative to farmers with the success of  second green revolution . India will have surplus food   products to export to the world after domestic consumption is meet.

Q.20. Make a list of civic duties  as  suggested  by Dr. Kalam .   

Ans . The civics duties suggested by Dr. Kalam are as follow.

1.Keep your surrounding clean.2.Planting trees.3.Helping under privileged children.

4.Keep your school campus clean.

Q.21. Why did the new passenger not notice her hair?

Ans. He noticed her eyes.they were beautiful but they were of no use to her , she was completely blind. So he did not notice her hair.

Q.22.What are the two meaning of the word ‘cricket’?   

Ans. The first meaning is ‘ a small insect ‘ and the other is the name of a game.

Q. 23. Justify the title “The fun they had”.

Ans . The title quite suits the article. Tommy and Margie find an old book  and  learn how the  school were   different in the past from their time and how much  fun the  children studying in those schools  had. It   gives a glimpse of future education.

Q.24. write the central idea of the poem ‘Beauty’.   

Ans.  It is said that ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’. Here in this poem the poet says that beauty is not only seen but also heard in nature. This beauty is everlasting. The sunlight, the birds the growing corn and the people dancing are a lovely scene of beauty. Beauty can also be heard in the night. The sighing of wind, the falling of the rain  and chanting of a singer is also beauty are also beautiful. Beauty is in man himself too. they are good deeds and happy thoughts.             Or

Q. write the central idea of the poem ‘Risks’.

Ans. ‘No risks no gain goes the saying’. ‘Man does not live by bread alone’, says the bible. Needs of man are of various types. Their fulfillment requires hard work and there are many hazards, obstacles and risks. Nature puts challenges and obstacles before him. And in this way his ability is developed. There is risks in every field of life. To achieve something one will have to take risks. a man who  fears taking risks gets nothing.  The  greatest  risks in life is not to take any risks.

Q.25.How can you say that nature’s bounty is boundless?

Ans. We can say that nature bounty is boundless because  there are  millions of  things that  nature  has given  to us .nature is very  generous .for millions of  years it is given  millions of people  food ,clothing and  other  necessary articles. It has a great stock.

Q.26.What makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’? or

Ans. Working together makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’.

  1. which is the world’s highest water fall and where is it. ?

Ans. The world’s highest waterfall is Angel falls. It is situated in eastern Venezuela in South America.

Q.27. what are the distilled books like?

Ans. Distilled books are like common distilled waters flashy things.

Q.28.Why we must take risk?                  Or

Ans. We must take risk because the greatest hazard (danger) in life is to risk nothing.

  1. what did wooden always focus on?

Ans. Wooden always focused on today.

Q.29. Why is the Gita beyond the mere  intellect ?

Ans. It is beyond mere intellect because it is essentially addressed to the heart and capable of being understood by heart.

Q.30.What are the benefits of meditation?    

Ans. When we meditate, it makes our mind calm resulting better retention. We can focus and have more concentration. It makes us healthy physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

Q.31.Where is Chitrakoot situated?  How can we reach Chitrakoot? Mention all the three ways.

Ans. Chitrakoot is situated in the northern spurs of the Vindyas.

We can reach chitrakoot in the following three ways –

1. By Air : The nearest airport is at Khajuraho(175km),connected with Delhi, Agra and Varanasi.

2.By Rail : The nearest rail head is at  Chitrakoot Dham(11km)on Jhansi- Manikpur main line.

3.By Road : Regular Bus service connected chitrakoot with Jhansi, Mahoba, Chitrakoot Dham, Harpalpur, Satna and Chhatarpur.