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class-9th IMP Question & Answer

Some Important Question & Answer

Class- 9th  HM

General English

Q.1. what is the sun ?

Ans. The sun is the source of light.

Q.2.’Light is the form  of knowledge ‘.Elaborate.

Ans. When a man sleeps he  sees only darkness. He cannot do  anything. But when  light comes he wake up . he can do anything. An ignorant person is  like a sleeping person. When he  gets knowledge, he  becomes a powerful person. So we  can  say that light is the form of  knowledge.

Q.3.who was kasturba Gandhi ?

Ans.She was the daughter of a prosperous businessman of Porbandar  (Kathiawar).

Q.4. what happened on 22 February 1944?

Ans.Kasturba died in  detention on 22 february 1944.

Q.5. how can we  control the present ?

Ans. We can control the present if we  act and  never wait.

Q.6. who  nominated Jumman  as the  head Panch?

Ans. Samjhu Sahu nominated  Jumman as the  head Panch.

Q.7. where was the  village panchayat held?

Ans. The village panchayat was  held under a banyan tree.

Q.8. what do you  mean by  an advertisement ?

Ans. An advertisement is a notice, picture or  film telling people about a product or  service.

Q.9. what do you mean by ‘my dream  world’?

Ans. The child sees many dreams. they try to see their future life in them. This is the dream world.

Q.10. who was Baljit ?
Baljit was the coach of the hockey team.

Q.11. Who has come back to village ?

Ans. Chaturbhuj Babu has come back to village.

Q.12.which examination did chaturbhuj Babu pass ?

Ans. He has passed his M.A. examination.

Q.13. who was Birbal ?

Ans. Birbal was the court jester and friend of Akbar.

Q.14.which objects have silvery gleam ?

Ans. Fruits ,trees, the thatch,dog’s paws, dove’s feathers, claws and  eyes of the  mouse, the  moveless fish have silvery gleam.

Q.15.who was king Vikramaditya ?

Ans. He was a just and  fair ruler of the kingdom of Ujjain.

Q.16. why did  Humayun called the ‘Red threat ‘  a big  thing ?

Ans.  He called the ‘ Red thread’  a big thing  because  it was  a bond of  love and  affection.

Q.17.who was j.c.Bose’ father ?

Ans. Bhagwan  Chandra Bose was his  father .

Q.18. where  is Faridpur?

Ans. Faridpur is in Decca district.(now in Bangladesh)

Q.19. Write the central ideas of the poem “Today and Tomarrow”

Ans. The poet says that we should not put off till  tomorrow what we can  do today . the time once lost  never returns. Nobody knows what the  future has  in  store. We should not let precious moments go waste. We should make full use of the  present.

Q.20.Write an application  to your principal to grant you leave for 10 days as you have  to attend your brother/sister marriage.                                                                                                                       

Ans. 394, Pathak Colony

Guda Gwalior

Feb.28, 2019

To ,

The Principal

Govt. H.S.School Gwalior

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject : – 10 Days Leave due to brother/ sister  marriage.

Most Respectable sir,

I beg to state that my brother/sister  marriage is going to be held on 26th feb.2019.I have to make several arrangements for  the  marriage. Hence I am unable to attend the  school for 10 days from  24 feb to 6 March .

Kindly grant me leave for 10 days .


Yours obediently

R.k. Sharma

MP BOARD 21 QUESTION IMP CLASS-9TH                                                       Or

Q. Write an application to your principal for issuing your S.L.C./T.C./C.C.

Ans. 394, Pathak Colony

Guda Gwalior

Feb.28, 2019


The Principal

Govt. H. S. School Gwalior

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject :- Application for S.L.C./T.C./C.C.

Respected sir,

I beg to state that I am a student of class 10th A of your school. My father has been transferred to Bhopal so I can not continue my studies here.

Kindly issue me the SLC/T.C/Character certificate.

Thanking you

Yours obediently


Q.21. write an essay –

  1. A Great leader 2. Wonder of Science 3. Cricket Match 4. Any current problem in India

class- 9th HM IMP Question