MP Board 12 class Revision

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MP Board 12 class Revision

Today i talk about of some important questions of MP Board Question  paper may ask  something. those who are preparing in MP Board of 12 class in General English  so prepare this Revision Test Paper.If you want to success in life.

MP Board 12 class Revision test-4 ,2018

Revisione Test – 4

General English 

Class- 12 HM

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and Answer the questions given below.        12

Success in life depends largely on good health. Keep your body fit by cleanliness and fresh air, regular habits and suitable recreations. Make yourself strong to play games and do it in every sense of the word. Avoid any thing that will sap your strength. Smoking in your youth wounds the body and clouds the brain. Be temperate in all things and beware of drink..  it is deadly enemy of health and efficiency.

Above all remember that your character Is a priceless possession. Therefore, keep it untarnished. Be truthful in all things, considerate to who are weak and suffering and do not be afraid to have the courage to stand up for what is good, pure and noble. Avoid gambling in every from. It is a mean game, trying to get something for nothing and at other expenses. Make provision for hard times. In your leisure hours, avoid more idling. Fill such hours with interesting hobbies good books and with companionships and associations calculated to exercise on you an influence for good .To the  large extent you will be  known by the  company you keep. 

Question : (A) The thing which destroys our body-

1.water                    2.Smoking                      3. Hobby                4.Exercise
(B) What is our priceless possession –

1.Gambling           2.Company                    3.Health                4 .Character

(C) We should keep this thing for hard times –

1.Drink               2. Truth                            3.Provision           4. Health

(D) What thing should we avoid –         

1. Success           2.Strength                   3. Idling                   4. Truth

(E) Which game is mean –

1. Chess             2. Football                      3.Gambling           4. Cricket

(F) the word in the  passage similar in meaning to ‘entertainment’-

1.Truth            2.Provision                   3.Recreation         4.Cleanliness

(G)The synonym for ‘valuable’ from the passage – 

1.Interesting       2.Calculated          3.Priceless              4.Deadly

(H) The word in the passage similar in meaning to ‘be cautions’ –

1. Extent             2. Sap                     3.Beware                   4.Keep

(I)How can you keep your body fit?  

(J) What are the good qualities of character?                                                       

Q.2.(A) .Read the following extract and answer the  question given  below.   6

The wonderful air is over me,

 And the wonderful wind is shaking the tree,                         

It walks on the water ,and whirls the mills,

 And talks to itself on the top of hills.

Que  :1.find out a word from the lines given above which :

(a) has meaning similar to  ‘surprising’.

(b) has meaning similar to  ‘moves’

2.on which objects does wind walk?

(B) Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful world.

With the  wonderful water sound you curled

And the wonderful grass upon your breast

World, you are  beautifully drest.

Que :1. what is great,wide beautiful and  wonderful.

  1. what is there upon the world’s breast ?
  2. why does the poet call the world as beautifully drest?

Q.3.Answer the following Question-15                                                                   

  1. what is the attire of the earth?
  2. Which action of the wind are described in the poem?
  3. why does the poet regards earth a friend?
  4. what makes the poet tremble?
  5.  what makes the poet think that man is god’s greatest creation?

Q.4. write the central idea of the poem ‘Beauty’    4 are Abhay Sharma ,the secretary of your plan to organise an edcational tour to Manali during the winter vacation.mentioning the schedule of the tour and the  expenses to be incurred, write a notice inviting the name of the  members who are interested in joining the tour.     5     
Q.6. Fill in the blanks with the correct words:      8  

 (i) The school…….remain closed.(will,would,shall)                                          

 (ii) The train left half …………..hour ago .(an, a , the)     

(iii) The bus ………….come late. (may, might , should)                         

(iv) He has been living here………1982(since, for , from)                 

(v) I prefer coffee……tea.(then , for, to)

(vi) We did it (Change into negative)

(Vii) he does his duty well. (Change into negative)

(viii) he tells a lie. (Change into negative)


MP Board 12 class Revision

MP Board 12 class Revision

MP Board 12 class Revision



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