MP Board 10th GAS PAPER 2018



MP Board 10th GAS PAPER 2018


CLASS – 10 th

MP Board 10th GAS PAPER 2018

Q.1 Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given below

Telescope is the main tool of the modern astronomer to study stars and other celestial objects. Telescopes are arrangement of lenses and mirrors which make objects look closer that they really are. However, even with the biggest telescope a star looks like only a point of light thought this light carries very useful information about the star. The light waves can reveal the makeup of the star and how hot the star is. A telescope also receives the whole ranges of radiations like radio waves and x –ray given out by a star. Astronomers do not see through telescope. Instead they use them as big cameras to take photographs of the night sky. Telescopes use curved mirrors to collect to light .the largest telescopes have mirror is meters across. Astronomers use two main kinds of telescopes. they differ in the way they collect and  focus the light from  the stars. Reflector is a kind of telescope that uses mirror and the refractor is a kind of telescope that uses lenses.

Question – (A) How do the  Astronomers use telescope?

1.They see through it 

2. They use it to take photograph of the night sky

3.they use it at the time of travelling  

(B) Refractor telescope uses-  

1. Mirrors        2. Mirrors and lenses both       3. only lenses

(c) the word in the  passage similar in meaning to ‘a round shape’ is –

 1. across    2. curved     3. lenses

(D)What is a telescope?

(E)What information about a star can be revealed by the light waves coming  from it.

(F)what are the  two  different kinds of telescope ? How do they differ?

Q.2.Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given below it :

Once there was a merchant. He was very clever. One day his money was stolen. He called all his servants to find out the thief but in vain. At last, he thought a plan. He collected some sticks of same size and gave one stick to each servant. He told them that those were magic stick. The stick of the one who was the thief would become one inch smaller than others. He ordered them to show smaller than others. He ordered them to show their sticks the next day. The  servant who the thief out off one inch from his sticks. On the next day when the merchant took the sticks back one stick was found one which one inch smaller. Thus, the thief was caught. He had to accept his crime. The servant got back his whole  money.  Questions:-

1.On the next day the merchant found.-

(a) One stick bigger                (b) One stick smaller             (c) One stick less

2.The merchant gave the servants the magic stick.      (True / False)

3. Why did the distribute sticks among the servants?

4.How was the thief caught?

5.Why did the thief cut the stick.

Q.3   Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given below it :

Necessity is  a very good teacher. It has always taught man to find out new ways and means. It has enabled him to make many new inventions. Many examples can be given to prove this things. The early man had no clothes to wear. He had no house to live in. He had no fire to cook his food. He wanted to protect himself from sun, cold and rain, so he began to cover his body with skins of animals. He begans to live in caves. He discovered fire to cook his food. Thus, necessity taught him to make one invention or the   other. Today he lives in comfortable houses. He makes beautiful clothes. He has quick means of transport and communication.

Questions :-

1.What has necessity taught man ?               

2.Find out a word from the passage that means ‘to keep safe’.    

3.How did the early man cover his body ?     

4.Why did the discover fire ?     

5.How does he live today ?

Q.4. ‘Mahatma Gandhi was a great social reformer ‘.write your view.(50 words)              Or                    5

Suppose you are the class monitor. Draft a speech for your class on ‘Merits and Demerits of Internet and Mobile phones”

Q.5.You are the Cultural Secretary of your school. Draft a notice giving information about the selection of two participants from your school to take part in the  inter school debate competition.   or          5

your friend Rahul Sharma has passed Higher Secondary Examination in first division .send a telegram of  congratulation to him.

Q.6. Write an article on ‘Importance of  trees ’ with the help of verbal input provided.               7

Trees –gift of nature, Trees provide – oxygen, timber cause – rainfall ,cutting of trees –ecological imbalance, tree plantation drive – whole nation .                                or       

Prices are rising very high. It becomes very difficult to manage the  expenses. Write  a short note on “Proper money management”.

Q.7. Write a letter to the collector of your district for imposing a restriction on the use  of  loudspeakers.     0r   6

Write a letter to the District Health officer Drawing his  attention to the  insanitary conditions prevailing in your locality.

Q.8.write an essay on any one of the following

  1. My favourite Game      2. Wonder of science        3. Any current problem 

Q.9.Fill in the blanks using the correct words-                        5

1.when you ..there ,send me  a telegram. (reach, reaches) 

2.. you like to read story  books ?(do, does)

3. It is over cast . it ………. rain today .(may ,can )

4.Beware ….. thieves. (of ,from)

5.the old father divided the  property ……….his seven  sons.   (between ,among)

Q.10.Do as directed                                                                                                                             5

1.Do the work  (Change the voice )

2.Meera said ,” I worship Lord Krishna”  (Change into  the narration)

3.we wxpwct that he will succeed.(Pick out the noun clause)

4.he is so stupid.he can not understand anything.(Combine using too… )

5.Time and tide wait for none.(correct the sentence)

Q.11.Read the extract of a poem and answer the questions;                                 4

O BLITHE Newcomer !I have  heard, I hear thee and rejoice

O Cuckoo! Shall I call thee bird, or but a wandering voice ?

Question : (A)who is the ‘Blithe Newcomer’?

  1.The cuckoo    2.The poet      3.A wandering voice

(B)How does the poet feel on  hearing it ?

 1. the poet become happy          2.the poet feels sad         3.the poet gets lost in dreams

(C)why does the poet address the  bird as o Blithe New comer ‘?

 Q.12.Answer the following questions –                                        

1.”culture means inner growth in man “ Comment .   

2.write a short note on “ Modesty and Politeness”.               

3. what was old Behrman’s masterpiece?                     

4. .Describe how Jean and Pierre managed to get the pie.

5. .”Nature has a remedy for all” Elaborate the thought.

6. why did the Prisoner refuse wine  and  tobacco?

7. ”Tagore uses images from Indian Mythology and the wold of nature to express his longing for reunion with God”. Explain.

MP Board 10th GAS PAPER 2018