Mines of iron ore 

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Mines of iron ore 

Iron Ore

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Minerals – Types,Distribution, Importance and Conservation  

Iron Ore – Iron Ore is the  backbone of modern industrial civilization. India ranks eighth  in iron  producing country of the world but with regard to high grade iron ore it ranks second. There are four varieties of iron ore Haematite, Magnetite, Limonite and Siderite.

Haematite –  It is red and brown in colour , contain 60 to 70  percent of iron. This is the  best quality iron ore found in abundance in India. It is found in aqueous rocks.

Magnatite – It is black coloured oxide of  magnetic iron ,containing 72 percent of iron . It is  found in igneous rocks . Mainly found in Karnataka and TamilNadu.

Limonite –  It is formed by the  combination of oxygen,water and iron . It  contains 40 to 60 percent of iron .It is  yellow in colour and found  in Sedimentary rocks.

Siderite –  This is  also known as  iron carbonate formed by the  combination of iron and carbon . It is  brown in colour . 10 to  48 percent of iron is present in it.

 Iron Ore

Mines of iron ore be divided into following region –

North Eastern Region  –

In this region iron reserves of Singhbhumi district  of Jharkhand state are  Manoharpur , Pansiraburu , Budaburu , Gua ,Noamandi.  In Orissa iron reserves are  located in Gorumahisani , Sulaipat and Badampahari in  Mayurbhanj district.

Central India Region – In this region iron  reserves are located in goa  in Jabalpur ,Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh in durg ,Raigarh and Bilaspur districts  of Chhattisgarh and in  Chanda and Ratnagiri districts of Maharastra. The Mine of |Drug  districts are Dhalli ,Rajhara and Bailadila of Baster are famous . The Iron mines are also  located in Udaipur ,Bhilwada , Dongarpur and  Bundi , The districts of Rajistan.

Peninsular Region –

In Karnataka deposits occur in  Chikmangalur , Bellary ,North kannad and  Chitradurga districts , in Tiruchirapalli , Salem , South Arcadu  districts of  Tamil Nadu and in  Andhra Pradesh ores  are scattered through Anantapur , Kurnool and  Nellore  Districts .

Other Regions –

Small deposites of the  ore found in  Mahendragrah district of Haryana , Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh , Garhwal , Almora and  Nainital  district  of  Uttaranchal  , Kozhikode district of kerala , Jammu and  Udhampur districts of  Jammu and Kashmir and in  Nagaland.

Iron Ore

Mines of iron ore

Importance and Conservation

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