Mending Wall by Robert Frost

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Special English

11.Mending Wall

                                                                                                             – ROBERT FROST

Class -10th 

Q.1.Why does the poet tell his neighbor that they do not need a wall between them and how does his neighbor respond to his statement?

Ans. There were no cows there to wander  into the neighbour’s  field and destroy the crop. Therefore , the poet tells his  neighbor that they do not need a wall between them . the neighbor responds to his statement saying . good fences make good neighbours.

Q.2.”Good fences make good neighbours” . Explain the  meaning of this statement in the  context of ‘Mending the Wall’.

Ans. The poet is of modern views . he does not move in the  inner darkness of narrow mindedness . He  is open hearted. Howevewr his neighbor is dark hearted. He fears that the poet’s apple trees  will get across his orchard and eat the  cones under his pines . the cow may enter his fields and damage the crops . He  sticks to his ancestral and traditional views .  Twice in the  lesson he  says ‘Good fences make good neighbours’ . It means he is a savage. He believes that the  fences are a sure remedy against quarrels , misgivings, bickerings and mental differences . He does not mind  the physical pain and labour in building the fence . No encroachment or trespassing would be possible then .

Mending Wall by Robert Frost

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